Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday This n That

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving, I figured I'd post the 'this-n-that' today instead.

I spend entirely too much time playing WordRage these days.  It's addictive.  You have two minutes to make as many words as you can out of letters that make up one bigger word.  And you have to get a set number of points at each level or it's Game Over, man.  Anyway, it's more fun than it sounds.  And it reminds me of these handouts the teachers used to give us in elementary school - make as many words as you can out of a single word like Thanksgiving or Christmas or Halloween.  :shrug:  Hey, it gets my brain moving.

I have become a slug.  I really need to get back to the exercise routine.  For some reason or other, I fell off the wagon, landed on my face, and just laid there.  And now it's Thanksgiving week, so there's that to use as a rationalization for not being active.  Bleh.

With the weather getting cold, I picked up some new thermal socks.  Dickies are the best, even if they don't fit right.  And I bought this one pair of super soft and floofy socks with rubber dots on the bottoms so I don't go skating across the hard floors.  They're awesome.  I need a few more pairs of those.  Hell, I want to buy pairs of those for everyone I know so they can have super soft and floofy socks, too.

Speaking of thermal socks, why the hell can't they make women's thermal socks like men's thermal socks?  The only women's ones I can find are too damn tight with nubby shit on the soles so they hurt my feet when I walk.  Dickies needs to make their men's socks in women's sizes.  Jus' sayin'.


I got some postcards out yesterday.  They should be to their recipients shortly.

Gah, I need to start thinking about Christmas cards. 

Speaking of Christmas, I'm anti-Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  Once Turkey Day is over, bring it on.  Except this year TGD is early.  I'm not sure I'm ready for putting up the tree on November 23rd.  I might have to push it all to next week.  But before the 1st because that's when edits are due back.

And year end is coming.  :panics:

That's it for me.  I'm going to go hide in a hole until thoughts of 2019 go away.  What's up with you?


  1. Coffee. ALways.

    Does doing knee lifts while standing at the microwave for the 1 minute it takes to heat my soy milk for my cafe au lait count? Considering how much coffee I drink...

    Is this a good time to mention I never took down or moved the Christmas tree from last year?

    One of my current WIPs went totally off the rails yesterday. I'm going forward with this thread because...I'm curious. My subconscious often knows way more than I do.

    You should call out Dickies on social media, asking for good women's thermal socks. You never know.

    My downfall is this stupid number game, 2048, on Bing Fun. You move numbered tiles around (2 and 4) and when matched, they double. The squares start to fill up as numbers can't be matched and there's less room to move. I've hit like 13K as a score but usually get shut out around 2-6K. Addictive. And sort of mind-numbing while still making me think. I can waste hours.

    Okay. A Wallyworld run so hopefully I don't have to go back until Monday. A decision about food for Thursday. Our plans got changed, sort of. I'm thinking pizza, even though I have to drive 10 miles now instead of 1. Stupid stores closures.

    I need a good book to listen to. I'm waiting on one from the library because I'm too cheap to buy it. I like the book but not sure I want to keep it for rereading purposes. Ah well.

    Later tater!

  2. I'm spending way too much time reading. Life is so much more enjoyable between the pages.

    Mom will start nagging me about the tree soon. In fact, she's started hinting. But I still have Halloween skeletons up, and I'm still enjoying them.

    I'm worried about Churchill. He's scratched a big hole in his face, and he's dribbling blood. I'll try to get him to the vet tomorrow, but he's 18 and frail. Terrified he won't be coming home with me. :-(