Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 47

Well, we're creeping down to the end of the year.  Let's try and wrap this sucker up with a bang, eh?

Okay, that was thinking ahead.  There weren't many bangs around here this past week.

I didn't do much writing.  For some reason, Ugly and the Beast is being a beast.  And since my brain can't seem to make it work, it's trying to tempt me with other ideas.  Bad brain.  No.  I have one week left before my edits come back for Unequal.  I don't think I can do 30K words in a week - not with the way my muse is acting - so my hope that I would have this book done by the 1st is hopeless.  :shrug:

The one big bang I had last week was the sale - which is still going on thru 11:59 tonight (PST).  It wasn't over the top, but it did pay for the ad, so it's all good.  Well, better than it has been.  And I'm getting page reads now, so there's hope I'll actually net above the ad cost this time.  And Accidental Death reached #28 in Hard-boiled mystery for a while there.  

I read some stuff.

Hubs and I moved a lot of leaves.  There are four big piles in the back yard, ready to move into the woods.  Then it rained.  Then it was Thanksgiving and the day after recovery from Thanksgiving.  We'll get to 'em eventually. 

While we were out walking last week, I heard a rustling in the woods just off the road.  Too much for a squirrel, so I looked hard for movement and saw a little armadillo collecting leaves for its den.  Must've been this year's litter - about 2/3rd size.  So cute.  And now that the neighborhood critter-killer has passed on to his next existence, we're seeing more of the little armored buggers.  I hope this one stays out of the road.  I see too many hit armadillos around here.

Thanksgiving happened.  It was like any other day, but with turkey.  And eating dinner at like 11:30am.  Then we laid around feeling fat for the rest of the day. 

I spent most of Friday making turkey soup.  Ended up with 2 containers of broth and three of turkey noodle soup.  I also made beef stew on Tuesday.  We're set for hot and hearty meals for a while.

I love my new crockpot, btw.  It's nice to have one that actually controls its temperature correctly.

Speaking of controlling temperatures, the main burner on my stove went wonky.  It's on high, no matter what.  Stupid burner.  I cannot afford to have the stove take a shit right now.  Lucky for me I have three other burners.  I'll just have to use the back big burner instead of the front one.  Bleh.

Oh, finally, the exercise/activity/weight thing.  I sucked it up and weighed myself after weeks of being a slug.  I'm holding steady at 180.  Up two pounds from the bottom, but still down fourteen, so I'm not going to flagellate myself.

And that's it for me.  What happened in your world last week?


  1. Not much. It was pretty much slugsville around here too. I did a small turkey breast "roast" (boneless), sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Like y'all, it was just the two of us. We stayed in, did nothing. We both needed it. Except I've been doing too much of that. Stupid depression.

    The wind hit today with the front that came through. Instead of drifting snow, we have drifting leaves. The lawn guy (part of my BiL's property management crew) came and blew the leaves off the walkways, driveway, and patio. He didn't bother to bag any of them. So, I still have ALL the leaves, which are now blowing back onto the walkways, driveway, and patio. *rolls eyes* I also have leaves all over the house because whenever the dogs go outside and sit/lay down, they bring in copious amounts of leaves stuck in their fur. *sigh*

    Sadly, that's pretty much the story of my life these days. LOL I'd say I'm going to work now but I can't guarantee that's gonna happen so...

    Until later, dudette! :D

  2. Bang? What bang? For that matter, *what* is a bang? I haven't seen one in ages.

    Thank you for the postcard! Wow, you've written a lot of books! ( Now finish the next one. Please? )

    Yay for leaves and armadillos! I haven't seen one in ages, not even on the road. They've all moved up to you. :-)

    Still plugging away on the dressmaking book. And reading too much. Sigh.