Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thursday This n That

Welcome gentle friends.  And not-so-gentle ones.  Just make sure you pet the kitty gently or she'll go all fur and fangs on your ass.


Anyway, I'm reading a pretty good book right now.  I mean, the story's good.  Gripping.  Suspenseful.  Good backstory and side story.  Unfortunately, the punctuation makes me kind of want to poke out my eyes, but the story is good enough to make me keep reading, so there's that.  And that's even making allowances for a difference in how people do things between that country and this one.

We got actual snow yesterday.  Just a dusting, but this is the first snow that stuck.  The flitters we got a couple days ago melted when it hit the ground.  Lucky for me, I'd already finished my errands and was warm in my recliner when the flakes started drifting down.

I should probably go to Wallyworld today.  If the roads are okay.  Meh.

I got the segue thing done after chapter 2 and what used to be chapter 3.  And I'm pretty pleased with it.  Probably needs some fleshing out, but the bones are there and I can move forward again.

That pumpkin pie bread I talked about the other day is to die for.  It really does get better the longer it sits.  I've got one loaf in the fridge... well, a couple slices of it anyway... and the other in the freezer.  So good.

The yellow-bellied sapsuckers have returned!  They're a winter resident here, so I always miss them when they leave in the spring and look forward to their return.  Yay!

Man, the birds are really going through the suet this week.  With the drop in temps, they're needing the extra fat in their diets.  Eat on, little buds, we've got more where that came from.

Had to do some business correspondence this week, with people I'm not related to, and I didn't do anything tragically stupid.  Well, except for saying I was CC'ing someone and then forgetting to CC them.  Derp.  I've become such a hermit, I'm not sure I know how to talk to people anymore.  Not in a formal, business setting.  I usually just let it fly and then wonder later if I've put my foot in my mouth.  I'm sure I inadvertently piss people off on a regular basis.

Okay, so I'm done here this morning.  What's up where you're at?

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  1. Not much going here, though there should be a lot. I'm just still doing that whole lumpen thing. :/

    This is bad as I'm teaching a class on series bibles Saturday and need to put together packets with screen shots and outline what I intend to say. I should get on that today.

    If I forget to put sunflower seeds out, or the squirrels run out, they hit the suet feeder. Birds aren't the only thing that need some fat. Of course, it might also be the humongous coon that invades from time to time. He was here twice last night and when I banged on the window to alert him to imminent dog rush, I swear he gave me the bird.

    My sleep pattern is still screwed, as is the critters. I would vote for ANYONE--regardless of party--if they'd do away with DST.

    I finished off my relisten to one series and listened to the new book in it. HUGE honking cliffhanger. I knew there was one because previous reviews all pointed out how PO'd they were. Include me in that. Remind me to never leave my readers hanging unless the next book is releasing immediately. It will be a year before the next book in that particular series comes out.

    Life is boring. Writing is boring. Yada yada. Okay. I'm going to go get productive or something. Later, gator.