Saturday, November 3, 2018

Saturday Reading Wrap-Up - 11/3/18

My brain is so far up my edit hole, I don't have much mental space for reading right now.  Maybe when I feel like I'm making better progress on this thing. 

 You'll notice I'm at 77 books read so far.  Thirteen left to read to reach my updated goal of 90 and two months to do it in.  At this rate, I'm not sure I'll hit it.  I don't suppose flipping through a coloring book counts, eh?  ;o)

Meanwhile, here's the super short list...

77) Meg & The Mystery Man by Elise Title (11/1/18) - Romance - 3 stars.  No review.  Another of the old romances I picked up at the thrift store last month.  I needed something to blow the gunk out of my head, so I chose romance.  Eh.  I finished it, but it didn't really blow my skirt up.  Considering this is the first book I've finished in two weeks, I'm calling it a win.

No DNFs either.


I'm not currently reading anything.  I do have a couple unread books on my Kindle and a ton of unread hardcopies, but nothing's exciting me.  It's all edits, all the time right now.  I rolled over the 100 page mark last night.  Only a couple hundred pages left to go.  Blerg.

What did you read last week?  Anything really get your blood moving and the pages turning? 


  1. I'm about halfway through a re-listen of Nalini Singh's Guildhunter/Archangel series. The latest book dropped this past week and I wanted to have all the background events and characters in my head when I start it. I just logged in my 219th book, which puts me 30+ books ahead of my 220 goal. I'll have to up the goal it since it's just November and I know there will be many more books read between now and New Year's Eve.

    I haven't read anything new though I got a surprise package from Tor/Macmillan. They send me an ARC of Jenn Lyons's THE RUIN OF KINGS, which is being touted as the epic fantasy of 2019. Not sure how I got it--must of signed up or something. And this isn't our Jennifer "Jen" Lyon. Anyway, it's a big ol' thick epic fantasy-sized book of 542 pages. I'll dive into it eventually because I've seen it touted and was curious. Got two new books to read coming up--ARCHANGEL'S PROPHECY (after I finish the reread), and then a reread of Ilona Andrews's Hidden Legacy series (3 books) before diving into DIAMOND FIRE, the new novella that releases Tuesday. That's where my brain is at the moment. I should be revising and writing. I'm still in a funk, NaNoWriMo nothwithstanding. I need to get on that $h!+.

    Enjoy the outdoors and get those next couple hundred pages edited!

    1. 219! Wow. You're a reading animal. Yep, you better up that goal.

      I think I've heard of the other Jenn Lyon. Definitely not our gal. We'd have heard if she was writing a 542 page fantasy. Speaking of which, I hope her surgery went well. I keep hoping Wizard or the boys will drop a comment on her blog letting us know.

      I hope your funk goes away soon. Good luck with NaNo!

      Yes, I got outdoors. And I got about 30 pages edited yesterday. Chugging along... I think I can, I think I can.

    2. Yeah, I'm getting a little worried that there's no update, nor has Wiz updated his FB. I don't stalk the boys and not sure they'd post on their own pages or not.

      FYI, I just updated my challenge to 240. I do a lot of listening. Keeps me out of my head which is not a nice place to be these days. LOL I need to murder and torture more characters in my books. You know, get it out of my system. ;)