Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday This n That

The saga of the bathroom scale continues.  If you remember, I bought a new digital scale back in April (I think) and it was showing an 8 pound heavier difference from my old regular scale.  Now, I thought my old scale was off a bit, so it wasn't a surprise to see a difference.  Not that big a difference, but still.  Then yesterday, I was at the doctor's office and I weighed myself there.  And there was a 7 pound lighter difference between their scale - which is calibrated monthly - and my new digital scale.  Umm, yah.  So the old scale wasn't that far off and this new cheap-ass digital is wrong.  :eyeroll:  I'm still using the digital scale, though, because it's easier to read.  I'll just be subtracting 7 pounds every time I use it.  Oh, yeah, and the doctor's scale put me at 184 with clothes on.  (But no shoes.  Never weigh yourself with shoes.)

I went fishing yesterday.  Yeah, I know, I said I wasn't doing anything but editing until the book is in AWE's hands, but I snapped.  It was so deliciously gloomy and I was so burnt out on editing, I had to go.  After I got home, I went back to editing.  I only caught two undersized bluegills, but being at the lake was necessary to my existence.

Still didn't get the book to AWE last night.  I explained the situation to her and she forgives me.  I'll have it to her today or no later than tomorrow.  And I'll still be on track for an August 29th release.

Yesterday at the lake, I saw groups of Eastern Swallowtail butterflies drinking from the damp sand along the shoreline.  So pretty.  And too cool.

I cleaned the coffee maker yesterday.  It makes coffee so much faster when I do that.  Boom!  Coffee!  YAY!  If you're not familiar with cleaning a coffee maker, I fill the water receptacle with vinegar, let it run for five minutes, stop for five minutes, run through the whole cycle.  Then I mix the hot vinegar with half a picture of water and run it through the maker again.  Then one or two cycles of just water to get the vinegar out.  Voila.  (Your mileage may vary depending on how hard your water is.  We have really hard water, so I use lots of vinegar.)

Cleaned the dishwasher, too.  Half a container of dry Tang mix in the bottom of the empty dishwasher and the detergent receptacle filled with baking soda, then run a cycle.  Got it almost as clean as when we had the well problem and had to run bleach through the system.  If I could find a way to run bleach through the dishwasher once a month I'd be happy, but since I can't, this works.

Oh, and here's another handy tip.  When you're finished running the vinegar through the maker, use it to clean your sink drains.  Shake some baking soda in the drains ahead of time, then pour in the hot vinegar.  Whoosh.  Clean drains.  Your whole house will smell like pickles, but it's worth it.  Burn some candles to get rid of the pickle smell.

Okay, I think that's just about enough out of me this morning.  What have you got going on today?


  1. Every so often I "calibrate" my scale using a known weight like a ten pound dumbbell or the like. It stays true despite the years.

  2. Yay for weighing less! There's got to be a way to calibrate those things...

    Gotta tell my mom about the hot vinegar down the drain trick. I stopped making coffee years ago (I'm addicted to tea).

    I love the image of the butterflies on the beach. If the heat wave ever breaks, I should take my sister up on her offer to go out to the lake.