Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday This n That

Last night through this morning, I had things pop into my head to put down here for the this-n-that, but every time, by the time my ass hit this chair, they disappeared.  Let's see what I can cobble together...

Yesterday, I did about 20 minutes of exercise and then went for a walk.  Hubs was already off on his walk (we don't exercise-walk together - he walks faster and his legs are longer) when I left.  Well, yesterday I got a wild hair and decided to walk in the same direction he'd walked.  He was about halfway back from his walk by the time we met up (his walk is way longer than mine) and then we walked together the rest of the way home.  It was nice.  It also meant my walk was longer than usual.  A mile and a half instead of a mile.  And man, were my legs feeling that extra half mile.  It's good to change things up a bit every now and then. 

Somehow or other (probably smoking and age), I've lost the upper range of my singing voice.  I'll be singing along and those notes just don't come out anymore.  Kind of makes it interesting.  I have to remember to sing in a lower register.  I think I'm turning into a tenor.  Maybe a bass.  I was never a soprano, but I could hit some soprano notes.  :shrug: 

Coffee is awesome.

Bold flavor Chex Mix is addictive.  Especially when I add a handful of mixed nuts.  Yummers. 

I've had the '21 Pilots' CD Blurryface in my car CD player since February.  I usually get sick of a CD way before then.  I bought their earlier CD.  Meh.  I want their newer CD, but Wallyworld never seems to have it in stock and I'm too lazy to order it online.

Know what I'd like?  Five hours of unbroken sleep.  I mean, I've love eight hours, but let's not be greedy.  Five hours would be wonderful.  I can't remember the last time I slept all the way through five hours.  It's been 'sleep some then get up to use the bathroom, sleep a little and wake up from a weird dream, sleep a little more and the cat comes in.'  Meh.

Well, none of the above were things I thought I'd be posting today, but that's a pretty good bit of this n that after all.  What have you got for me today?


  1. Those are pretty good this-n-thats. Let's see what I can come up with...

    A Carolina wren is building/has built a nest in a plastic watering can that's been sitting on a shelf in what was once an enclosed hot house flowerbed right outside my backdoor. I might have screwed things up because I layed the can on it's side. It's a gallon size and I'm not sure how a baby could get out otherwise. I'll have to keep watch to make sure the wren comes back.

    Speaking of birds, I've caught a few glimpses of the hummer at the feeder. In fact, she's out there right now, resting on the feeder and drinking deep.

    Uninterrupted sleep? What the hell is that? So, yeah, me too on that point.

    It's overcast and cooler today. We need rain. Hopefully, will get some over the weekend.

    Speaking of music. That reminds me. I need to check the 'net for a song that was featured in a TV show that I caught the end of a few weeks ago. I checked at the time but there was no listing yet. The 'net is an interesting place for finding stuff like that.

    Tomorrow is a lunar eclipse and also a blood moon. I'm trying to be proactive so I schedule a one-day sale of BLOOD MOON for free. Trying to figure out FB ads is beyond my mental bandwidth at the moment. I'll just post a lot. And tweet. Already scheduled some of those so I don't have to be over there much.

    And time to get to work. That's pretty much the sum total of my life at the moment--deadlines. Whoopee. *eyeroll*

    1. Yay for wrens and hummers! We got a bit of rain from yesterday's overcast. Just enough to wet the surface and keep us cool while we fished. LOL, I hope you find the song. I hope your sale goes amazing. FB ads are weird and rarely worth the money. I get more bang just posting to FB groups.

      Good luck with your deadlines!

  2. The only time I sleep all the way through is when I've gone to bed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late. Otherwise, I'm up after four hours. It's the pits getting old.

    It's gotten cooler here - our highs are around 101. Much better than the week of 109, not to mention the 114 report. They're talking about rain Monday. Wish us luck!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets before I get there. These days I keep a pen and paper in every room. Except the bathroom... Better fix that!

    1. Yep, getting older sucks. Ugh, those are some nasty temps there. Bleh. Good luck for the rain! Yeah, I need to keep a notepad in the bathroom. I get all my best ideas either in there or in bed.