Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday This n That

The fireworks actually weren't too obnoxious last night.  I made up my mind before bed to treat the noise like a thunderstorm.  I sleep through thunderstorms all the time.  No big whoop.  It's all about perspective, doncha know. 

Speaking of fireworks, Hubs read on the local news where the nearby wide spot in the road had to cancel their display.  The company they contracted with to shoot off the display had a fire at their facility on Tuesday.  Can you imagine?  Fire at a fireworks factory.  Scary shit there.

Once upon a time, back in 1992, I was engaged to a volunteer fireman and his department put on the fireworks display for the suburb of Chicago we lived in.  One of the fireworks exploded on the ground.  Yep, scary shit.  (Until this morning, I'd forgotten about that.  Score one for my memory.)

We've still only seen one fawn this year.  I've named him Little Prince.  He's so cute, gamboling around the yard.  Then he noticed the water pan.  He snuck up to it, but he must've seen his reflection in the water because he jumped and ran away.  So cute.

Speaking of deer, Hubs just looked outside and they're already waiting for him.  It's 6am, guys, have a little patience.  Geez.

We tried to find a fireworks display on TV last night.  Of the three TV specials that were supposed to be fireworks, all three had some kind of rock concert type thing when we switched over to it - including the Boston Pops one.  And it wasn't the orchestra.  It was some boy band or something, singing pop music.  Bleh.  I'm guessing if we'd sat through the hype we would've eventually seen fireworks, but who's got time for that shit?  I want John Phillips Souza music with freakin' sparklies, dammit. 

Despite not actually going to the fireworks in the great outdoors, I got eaten alive by mosquitoes yesterday evening.  I was watering the gardens.  So itchy.  I did grab some plantains (broadleaf weeds, not the banana cousin) while I was out there and rubbed them on the bites I could reach while watering.  That worked pretty good, but man, I was a pincushion by the time I was done.  And everything needs watering right now because it's so damn dry.  We had a rambunctious thunderstorm a couple days ago.  Banging and booming and a minor power outage, but did it rain?  Oh hell no.  All we got was like two minutes of sprinkles.  Just enough to make patterns in the dust on my car. 

On a happier note, the ornamental grass I bought that I thought was probably dead is sending up new shoots.

Well, I could go on... and on and on... but I should probably get on with my day.  What's on your this n that radar this morning?


  1. Yay for Little Prince! He sounds darling!

    I didn't even peek out the window to watch the booms this year. Gotta admit, I've lost interest in fireworks.

    We had a little thunderstorm, too, but it only sprinkled 1/8" worth. I'm back to watering my crepe myrtles.

    I could barely lift the darn garbage disposal, wimp that I am, certainly couldn't hold it up under the sink one-handed. My brother almost got it in, but his arm gave out. My brother-in-law came over and finished it. Thanks, guys!

  2. Next year, try the Capitol 4th on PBS. It was a great mix of military bands, rock, country, broadway. And MASSIVE fireworks, including a real artillery battery for the 1812 overture. That's our go to and it's over by 9 our time.

    Had a blast building the float. Only is already making plans for bigger/better next year. She designed and built the stuff this year. I sat next to our 92 year-old USS Enterprise veteran. It's a treat. :) Came home and collapsed, though. Heat is NOT my friend.

    Okay, other stuffs. Will get NIGHT FALL uploaded today.

    I seem to have taken a short vacay from my blog and replying to comments on my FB author page. A part of me feels guilty. The rest of me feels nothing but relief. I meant that WTF lines meme today. LOL

    We have a coon that comes in to use the dog pools at night. If we're lucky, the boys sleep through the nocturnal visits. If we aren't, one of us is pawed awake so the great spotted-cow hunter can go stalk his wily prey.

    Something bit me. Not a misquito. They normally don't like me. There's something about my blood/scent/whatever that puts them off. Whatever it was, it swelled and itched. Hit it with a meat tenderizer paste. Better safe than sorry because it was likely a spider bite. Still itchy but no lump now.

    Okay. Break time over. Time to run a few more actions on the MS, one last once-over and then upload.

    Stay out of the heat!