Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!
This copy of The Declaration of Independence hangs on the wall to the right of my desk.  (Click on it to make it larger, if you want to.)   It was one of the first things I bought and put up after we moved here.  Serendipity finding it at the thrift store so soon after we declared our own independence and moved here, I think. 

This document is what Independence Day is all about. Declaring to the world that men have the right to be free individuals. 

Enjoy whatever pursuits you have planned for today and spare a thought for why you're free to pursue them. 

I'll be working on editing today.  And I am extremely glad I live in a country that allows me to write the books I want to write without fear of reprisal - at least from my government. 

Happy Fourth of July, folks!  And be careful out there in the world today.  :hugs:

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