Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 29

And here we are at another Sunday.  Not sure how we got here again already, but there it is.

Writing?  I'm at 12,700 words on Ugly and the Beast.  I didn't write Friday or Saturday.  I'm still stuck on how to proceed.  I thought I'd be over the hurdle by Saturday night, but I wasn't, so there it is.

My edits aren't due back until the 11th, so I'm just chillin' there.

I read a couple books.  And I started The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton on Friday night.  I have not read it before nor have I seen the movie, so don't ruin it for me. 

On the 'getting healthier' front, I did something active 6 out of 7 days.  And as of yesterday morning I'm at 180.4 lbs.  (Or if you go by the incorrect scale, 187.4.)  Either way, I lost another pound.  Regardless of poundage lost, though, I'm starting to really see the change.  My bras fit like they're supposed to.  My Dunlop disease* is on the ropes.  The back boobs are disappearing.  An unfortunate outcome is that my butt is disappearing, too.  If you knew me once upon a time, I didn't have a butt to speak of, so it was kinda nice to finally have one.  So much for that.  And I'm okay with its loss.

I did get kidnap the Hubs and go fishing one afternoon.  We stood in the gentle rain and fished for a couple hours.  Didn't catch much, but it was nice.  And we didn't get skunked, so it's all good.

At the moment, we're in the throes of an invasion of some kind of tiny grain bug.  They came in on the bags of deer feed we store in the attached garage, and now they're in the house.  They don't bite and they're too small to be really obnoxious.  Right now, they're just annoying.  I did clean the cupboards where I store all my grain-based foods (cereals, chips, crackers, flours, etc.) and put everything into Ziploc bags to prevent them from getting into anything.  They hadn't yet, but I didn't want to chance it.  The sticky traps are catching most of the ones I've seen.  The others kill easily when I see them. 

What's up with you?

*Dunlop disease... where your belly dun lop over your belt.  :snicker:


  1. We had some rain and thunder this morning. Boone aka Scairdy Dog is still sleeping in my closet.

    I wrote 3K words yesterday. Not nearly enough. I have two days to finish this WIP. *sigh* Then I'll have 13 days to fix Tucker's book, and another 10 or so days to fix the proposal for Cooper's book. *HUGE sigh*

    I need to get off my ass and get on the gazelle. I lost weight in Denver despite the food because I walking like 4 miles a day between the hotel buildings and classes. Despite spending one night with an ice pack on my knee, I did feel somewhat better. Wish I could figure out a stand-up desk thingy I could use on the gazelle. I could kill two birds and all that. Ah well.

    Sleep is elusive. Yay stress.

    I want to write another Nightrider book. And a Hard Target book. And my readers are expecting another Penumbra Papers. *another sigh*

    And if I don't get off the webz, I won't get words done. Later tater.

    Oh, go fishing!

  2. I got less fiction written than I planned, but a lot more on the dressmaker book. Which is already too long. And I'm only halfway through the decade.

    I plan to cut quite a bit (it can go into another book), but at this rate I'll need to shrink the font, too. :-/

    Thank Word for Cntl A! :-)