Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Here's The Deal

Okay, here's the deal.  I'm going through Sleeping Ugly line by line and making it better.  (I hope.)  Adding stuff, rewording stuff, deleting stuff.  I already input my editor's pink suggestions throughout, but I felt like I needed to knead this book some more.  Work in some of the more major changes she suggested and just generally go over it again. 

I spent my weekend writing time and yesterday's time doing this.  And I'm on page 39.  With two days left before the deadline I set to send this back to her for final edits.

I will have this to her on Wednesday.  If I have to sit at this computer and pour over the manuscript until my eyes go wonky.  If I have to eschew reading and television and life.  If I end up with brain mush afterwards.

I can't skip everything.  Today's my shot day.  I need the shot, so I'll be taking some time off for that trip into town. 

And I will continue to exercise, because when I don't exercise I feel like a toad.

And I will do any work the pay-job sends over.  Because PAY. 

I may be up late tonight and tomorrow night doing this, but it's kind of par for the course if I want you to be able to read the best book I can create for you.  Break out the coffee, baby. 

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