Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A TP Rant

I'm trying to find a replacement for Northern toilet paper (which I've used for decades).  I love it, but my Wallyworld has switched to only carrying MEGA rolls of the stuff. 

Speaking of MEGA rolls, why the hell are all the brands moving toward them?  The damn things barely fit on my dispensers, making it difficult to actually get the number of sheets you want without the roll getting stuck and ripping off just one damn sheet.  As we all know, no one can do a damn thing with just one square.  (Yes, I'm thinking of Seinfeld, too.)

First, I tried Great Value, which was on par with Northern.  Mostly.  Smaller squares.  Meh.  I'd keep buying it, though.  However, since I bought the first package of GV, my Wallyworld stopped carrying the normal sized rolls of it.  Gah!

Angel Soft also had mega rolls but it was cheap.  It was also a DUD.  I have to use twice as much to do the same job as Northern.  And it shreds.  Also, Gah! 

I have a really tough time making myself buy Charmin, even though someone I trust recommended it to me.  I find their bear commercials disgusting.  If you can't get away with it using people, why are you getting away with it using cartoon bears?  Gross.

And really, who buys toilet paper from a commercial?  Usually people have one brand they abide by and they never change - you know, unless changes in product or packaging force a change.  Are the grody bears really encouraging anyone to switch brands?  If you go by commercials, Angel Soft is awesome.  Liars.  How do people find a new brand of TP to use?  Do people ask their friends and families for recommendations on toilet paper?

Anyway, the hunt for a good brand continues.  I have a couple rolls left of the cheap-ass Angel Soft and then I get to start on the new package of Cottonelle.  :fingers crossed:


  1. I think my favorite is Cottonelle, but I'm not fussy as long as the paper doesn't rip on my hand.

    If you have an Aldi near you, their brand is pretty good too.

    I haven't bought Angel Soft or Charmin in years. I think all the brands have gone through a transformation and not for the good either. They're flimsier and less of it for the same price. The mega rolls make you think you're getting more for the money, but if you calculate it by the foot it's not always the case. It gives me a headache just trying to compare brands vs price.

    1. Well, that's one vote for Cottonelle. Yeah, I'm not that picky - it has to not rip or shred and it has to fit on my dispenser.

      Nope, no Aldis. We have Walmart and Dollar General, or the scary local mom-n-pop stores that smell funny and don't update their stock.

      Bingo. Even Northern isn't as good as it used to be. And yeah, it's headache inducing.

  2. Cottenelle Ripples. Except it's gone to the megarolls too and I have to squish them to fit in my toilt roll holder in the master bath. They do squish to fit and I can work them out. But yeah. Not a fan of the mega stuff. I am a fan of Cottenelle, not matter the sub-type, but the Ripples work best for me.

    1. Two votes for Cottonelle! I have great hopes for it once the Angel Soft debacle is over. Not sure if it's the Ripples kind, but still.

      Gah. Megarolls are evil.