Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 27

Well, hello again.  Welcome back.  Grab a cup of coffee and set yourself down a spell.

In the writing sphere, I finished the pretty pink, line by line edits on Sleeping Ugly on Friday, as scheduled (which felt like a major win for me lately - hitting a deadline).  Next up, the deep content suggestions my editor made.  And some tweaking of my own.  Still on target for having this ready no later than Wednesday.  I'm looking at an August 29th release date.

I'm currently working with my cover artist for SU's cover.   We've got some good ideas and a cool cover model picked out.  I'm sure she'll make it awesome.

I read 7 books last week, too.  Crankin' and spankin'.  And no DNFs.  Yay.

And I got a boatload of work from pay-job.  I'll have that done by Monday morning.  

On the activity front, I did 5 out of 7 days (6 if you count watering the gardens as something active).  Still no more weight lost.  But shot day is Tuesday, so fingers crossed that helps.

We're still only seeing one fawn.  Little Prince has two almost solid stripes of spots down either side of his neck, so it's easy to confirm that every time we glimpse a fawn, it's him.  I picked up another water pan for the deer.  It's been so hot and so dry they're chugging the water down and we have to fill the one pan we had three times a day.  So, I got another one.  They're still getting used to the newness in the yard, but Little Prince wet right to it and drank his fill. The others will get there, too.

This weather is crapping out my gardens, even with the every-other-day watering I'm doing.  Rain!  We need Raaiinn!  We had thunderstorms roll through yesterday evening and not a freakin' drop.  Bleh.  It's supposed to get a tad cooler next week, so there's that.  Too little too late probably.  =o\

Well, that's all from me, folks.  What's up with you?


  1. Hooray for progress on Sleeping Ugly!

    Too darn hot here, too. I water my trees, but the grass is turning yellowish gray.

    I saw a roadrunner and a rabbit in my yard this week. The silly bunny sat and watched me, even when I was only 10' away. Maybe it knows I'm too slow to catch it.

    I wrote a couple of pages to introduce the main problem in the first chapter, and that gives the City Guard reason to suspect Viper. Now the rest of the story is rolling more smoothly. Yay!

    1. Thanks, Deb!

      Yeah, our grass is pretty pathetic right now. I'm just trying to save the gardens.

      Yay for a roadrunner! I love those guys. And bunnies are always awesome. LOL, bunnies are pretty relaxed little dudes once they get used to you.

      Woohoo! More Viper pages! Go you!

  2. I'm a third of the way through Under/Moon so I will be working in Denver. I also got edits and major revisions due back to NYC by August 13th at the latest. It won't be the same book. Makes me sad but...they sign that check.

    I've been putting stuff together for the trip. Just about ready to pack.

    Finished up a new read. Was surprsied by how much I actually liked the hero (who was a really BAD dude in all the previous books). Kudos to the authors for pulling that off. The rest I've been listening to are repeats so I'm not glued to my earphones to the exclusion of getting writing done.

    It's hot. We need rain and something more than the stupid "popcorn t-storms" that "pop up."

    My life at the moment is a series of critical deadlines. That's pretty much all that's on my mind. Awesome on your SU progress!

    And...not sure how much access/time I'll have next week but I'll check in as I can. Hold down the fort while I'm gone. ;)

    Later, tater!

    1. Ack! You're a busy lady. Always. I can't imagine having to change a book to the extent it makes me sad. :hugs:

      Safe journeys on your trip to Denver. Figures they'd have it in Denver after I left CO. Derpsticks.

      I'm so glad the author redeemed that character for you.

      Oh hell yeah. We need RAIN. LOL, popcorn storms. We've been getting those, too. Totally useless buggers.

      I totally understand about deadline brain. Good luck! And thanks!

      Eh, I'll see you around the webs when you get back. I'll hold the fort as best I can. :o)