Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 26

Halfway through the year again.  Where did those months go?  :shrug:

I didn't do any writing again this week, but I did get some editing done.  Not as much as I should've but I'm still on track.  I have to be really careful with this book because I'm likely to just start reading it when I ought to be editing.  It's that kind of book.

Read two books last week before the reading wrap-up, and I finished another last night.  Which was a good thing because I was so engrossed in reading that I wasn't at all encouraged to edit while the book was sitting there unfinished.   And I'm still mentally engrossed in the book, so I've picked a romance to read next.  Kind of a 'clean your mental palate' thing.

No fishing again.  It's too hot and I'm too anti-people to go out anywhere near this holiday - even if today is deliciously cool for a change.

Did active things 6 out of 7 days.  Mostly exercise and walking.  I'm doing about 15-20 minutes of exercise/dancing and then a one mile walk around the neighborhood loop.  That takes me about 25 minutes.  It's all hills, all the time.  I'm not losing any weight right now, though.  It's too close to my hormone shot to expect to lose weight.  In fact, last I checked I'd gained about a pound.  After the shot, that should drop away.  Damned girly hormone weight.  Anyway, the shot's in 9 days.  No worries.  I'm not going to stop my activity plan just because I'm not seeing progress on the scale.  That would be silly.  I'm seeing progress elsewhere.  And besides the girly-pounds, I figure I'm in a weight redistribution phase.  The fat weight is redistributing to muscle weight.  At least that's my story.  ;o)

Other than that, not much going on here.  How about there?


  1. Sooo freaking hot. The temps are that horrible but 80% humidity stacked on top of 90+ temps makes for a steam bath. It really is the humidity. Okay, and the heat. released plus a quick start on the next self-pubbed story. Still waiting on revisions from NYC.

    I finished my re-listen of a favorite series. The final book releases the end of August but there's an "intermediate" book that just released that is sort of a spin-off series but with a character who plays a fairly large role in the series and I anticipate will appear in the final installment. I was hoping it would be out in audio by now but it's not so I'll have to break down and read it. Blerg.

    Did I mention it's hot?

    Had some family time. No T-ball but still got Stormy time.

    That's pretty much been my week. Editing, formatting, updating website, releasing, etc. Upward and onward.

    Stay cool!

  2. Way too hot here, too. I'm tired of dripping. There's a few clouds floating around, so I'm praying for a thunderstorm. It won't help the temps for more than a few minutes, but the trees are getting desperate. I can only water the ones near the house.

    Still on a reading binge, and didn't get much done this week. Some, but nowhere near my goals. I need to get my act together.