Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 9/30/17

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report. 

This last week of September had temperatures start out hot and then fall almost into line with the averages for this time of year.  We're still running above normal, but it's something.  The water, naturally, is still warm.  And the water is still filled with baitfish for the larger fish to eat.  I walked by a little cove in the rocks yesterday and hundreds of little bluegills freaked out.  The bass are eating good and don't want my measly worms and my fake food. 

Having said that, though, here's how my week shook out...

Sunday - got out early.  Checked the park, but it was full of people, so I went to a spot on the main lake.  Caught one 8" 6oz bluegill I kept, a smaller bluegill, and a little punkinseed, and a whole lot of sun.  Thank goodness for 50 spf or I'd be a crispy critter.

Wednesday - went out a little later in the morning to the park.  Nobody there and I found a place to park that shouldn't get the authorities khakis in a wad.  I ended up on my favorite ledges.  Yay.  I caught two big bluegills - 8" 6oz and 8.5" 7oz.  I also caught a little green sunfish.

Friday - Nice cool morning, so off I went.  Some clouds, too, which is always nice.  Didn't catch a damn thing.  But I saw an osprey.  And I found some gal's smartphone.  I eventually got it returned to her, so it's all good. 

As an aside, how does a gal with ratty clothes, the nastiest set of teeth I've seen in a while, and a crap-ass pickup truck that took 5 times before it started afford a brand new Samsung Galaxy phone?   And when she came to pick up her phone from me, she was holding another smart phone.  Ummmm.  I guess it's all about priorities.  :shrug:

As another aside, I saw a really awesome fishing pole at the thrift store this week.  $15.  It wasn't in the budget, so I put it back.  Which brings me around to a point I want to make - that doesn't have anything to do with financial choices, btw.  If you want to fish, but you can't afford to fish, check out your local thrift stores.  I've gotten two rod/reel combos at mine for under $5.  This one here had a whole bunch of soft fake baits available.  Sometimes they have tackle boxes and lures.  Sometimes you can find coolers and nets and floats and lifejackets.  It's all a matter of keeping your eyes peeled.

And that's it for me this week.  If you can, get out and enjoy the cooler weather before it turns into cold weather.  ;o)


  1. The gal who lost the smartphone? Probably got both of them from the "Obamaphone Kiosk." I can't drive a mile without seeing five or six pop-up canopies advertising free smartphones for poor people--iPhones, Galaxies, you name it. And I'm paying a surcharge plus higher rates so those people can have a better FREE phone than the one I PAY for. Okay, rant over.

    Cooler weather is here and probably to stay. The bait fish will get bigger or eaten and the bigger fish will come up looking for more food. Here's hoping this coming week is a good one for you!

    1. Ugh, probably. I didn't think about the Obamaphone thing. I don't see ads for thos around here, but I never go into the city. I'm still using my old TrackPhone (sp?), so I'm not seeing the subsidies, but they're probably in there somewhere. Bleh.

      Yay for cooler weather! Thanks! I could use a better week.