Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 39

It's Sunday again.  I have not had enough coffee.  I always say I'm going to write these posts Saturday night, but I never do and so here you are again having to deal with me on too little caffeine and not enough sleep.  Oh, joy.

Heh, be glad you're out there and not actually here. 

Anywhohahway, I did some writing last week.  About 5K words worth.  Then I hit a snag where the lead up to the climax was super duper lame and I'd written myself into 'the corner of no return' and I couldn't see my way to the climax.  I've been trying to write notes to myself to jiggle something loose.  I think I might've figured it out so I can write tonight.  It's lame, too, but at least I can get words on the page.  I can fix lame later.

Not much writerly happened otherwise. 

I read some stuff.  The Time Machine by HG Wells and The Cat Who Tailed a Thief by Lillian Jackson Braun.  Then I started a couple books and put them down because meh.  I picked up an old paperback by Phyllis Whitney I'd recently bought and was looking forward to reading, only to find the first ten pages are missing.  Argh.  I grabbed a Terry Brooks I'd snagged at the thrift store only to find it was the third book and it started poorly.  So, last night I grabbed another Cat Who - even though I just finished a Cat Who because when you're in a reading slump, read something familiar.  And wouldn't you know it, I've reached the point in my collection where I'm missing installments, so this one started and I was immediately lost in the bits and bobs of things from books I haven't read yet.  Bleh.

Mid-week I got the brilliant idea to sweep the driveway and pick up acorns along the way.  After about 30-45 minutes, I ended up with a leafless one-third of the driveway and about a quarter ice cream tub worth of acorns.  I piled the acorns down at the back of the yard for the deer.  Took less than five minutes for one deer to Hoover that pile right up.  Not so much as a thank you.  Hmph. At least I got some exercise and I did make one deer very happy.

Speaking of exercise, I really need to start back on my 'do something active every day' thing because this summer saw a gradual enlarging of this writer.  I'm about halfway back to my top weight (before I lost that 14 lbs) and I really need to reverse the slide.  I blame the ankle thing and the chocolate Twinkies.  To the 'do something active' thing, I deep cleaned the bathroom yesterday and the acorn thing the other day.  I went fishing, too, but that was mostly sitting on rocks watching a bobber.  I need to get up and move for it to count.

Okay, that's more than enough out of me for now.  How about you?


  1. I'm staring two deadlines in the face. It's ugly. I did stand at my desk for over an hour while I wrote. Damn cat was asleep in my chair and all the "experts" say sitting is worse than just about anything. feet and ankles were so swollen by the time I was done that I had to lay down with them propped up for two hours before I could walk around to get other stuff done. Ah well. Moderation, right? That's about it for me. My OSU Cowboys gave me a scare last night. There's a reason fans call them the Cardiac Cowboys. Okay, break time over. I have many words to write today.

  2. I bet that deer loves you. Just from a distance. :-D

    I'm finally back to walking two miles a day, now that it's cooled down a bit. Mom's knee is still gummed up, so she only walks (limps) partway with me. After that I power walk! Yay! It feels so good. And I get so tired. LOL!

    I'm up to page 270 on 7C. We've started the FINAL BATTLE. Woohoo! The last 8 or 10 pages are pretty lame, but I think they're fixable. I doubt I can wind everything up in the hoped for 300 pages. Narrower margins, here I come! Hmm. Might need to cut some stuff, too. Boohoo!