Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday This n That

I discovered the show 'Forged in Fire' recently.  I'd seen commercials for it and I thought it would be stupid, but then one day when nothing else was on, I thought I'd give it a whirl.  I love it.  "This blade will keel."  Hehehe.  The new episode on Tuesday Night - the international competition - was awesome.  Four people from different countries competing against each other to make blades and win $10K.  And they were competing while being good people.  I get so sick of competition shows where the competitors are assholes to each other.

I finally sat through most of Jurassic World last night.  I'd watched part of it before and I thought it was lame.  But I thought I'd give it a whirl - because nothing else was on.  Yep, it was still lame.  Velociraptors with cameras strapped to their heads?  Why not sea bass with lasers ala Austin Powers?  I was rooting for the dinosaurs to eat most of the characters.  I liked the one tech geek with the plastic dinosaurs on his desk and the black guy assistant to the hero.  I know the tech geek lived and I hope the other dude lived, too.  Everyone else deserved to get munched upon for they are crunchy and good even without ketchup.  I had hoped BD Wong's helicopter would get eaten by the big fish-dino, but no such luck - thus setting up the chance at another sequel that should never ever be made.  Dr. Crichton had to be spinning in his grave over this one.

I was out at the lake the other day when this young dude stumbled upon me, much to his surprise.  He recovered well, but as he was attempting to make unnecessary small talk, he happened to say 'the lake is really low right now'.  I couldn't help myself - I scoffed aloud.  (I have a bad habit of scoffing aloud.)  After he shot me a look, I explained the reality of it - the lake is normal right now at 916, low was earlier in the year when it was 906 - which probably didn't help my case.  Then he said 'oh yeah, it was really low last summer' - which didn't help his case.  If he knew it was way lower last year, why did he say it was low now???  :eyeroll: Uncle Hank preserve me from inane small talk.

Another time I was at the lake and a couple of older women rolled up in their all terrain vehicle.  They asked how the fishing was going and I told them I'd caught a few little bluegills.  One of them said 'well, that's something', to which I replied 'yeah, it's better than getting skunked'.  Then the lady said "And there's less stink."  And we all laughed.  That kind of small talk I can deal with.

I run across some odd people.  About two months ago, I arrived at the bait shop and parked beside a car that looked as if it had been in some kind of major roll over accident.  Inside, a heavyset, grungy looking dude was chatting with my bait gal.  I walked back and got my worms.  When I took them to the register, the dude said goodbye and left, at which point my gal thanks me profusely for showing up when I did.  I didn't think anything of it until later.  Anyway, dude gets into his craptastic car with the shattered windshield and drives off.  I thanked my lucky stars he went the opposite direction from where I was going.  I realized later that bait gal was thanking me for my presence because it encouraged the dude to leave.  Flash forward to today.  I'm driving home from fishing and I see the dude driving toward me!  The car looked exactly the same!  Shattered windshield, missing bumpers, doors caved in.  :shudder:  How he hasn't been stopped and ticketed and had that piece of crap towed away is beyond me.

Okay, you've stuck with me this long and I thank you, but I'll let you get back to your day.  Have an awesome one!  And tell me what little this-n-thats you have for me.


  1. Next time you see the dude? Try to get his license plate and call him him as 1) a reckless driver and 2) suspicious character. Out in the sticks, the deputies have a lot of area to patrol. Once he's on their radar, they'll all start looking for him.

    I haven't watched any of the Jurassic movies since the first and it was on cable and I read through probably half of it. Not my catnip.

    In a reading slump, I've gone back to listen to a Jayne Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) series. I'm still having eye troubles so reading is tough. Since I own the Kindle books, the audio books weren't too expensive. Sadly, not available at my library. :( I'm enjoying her Harmony/Ghost Hunter series--SciFi not paranormal.

    Speaking of world-building, I've painted myself into a corner by not fully considering the gargoyles creation story. Ugh. At least there's no real canon in the previous books I have to worry about but I'm stuck and the clock is ticking. Argh. I'm thinking Starbucks and driving around under the cloudy skies looking for inspiration might be on the agenda today. If a hot shower and washing my hair doesn't help. LOL

    We got lots of rain but the cool temps haven't come in yet. It's 71 degrees but the humidity is 90+ so it feels yuck outside. That's due to change and I'm ready! As much as I like the rain, I want the cool to go with it. :)

    1. I'm not even sure he has a license plate. It's entirely possible he only drives between his home and the bait store (she sells grocery items, too). It's the Ozarks. Anything is possible.

      Yeah, I guess the Jurassic Franchise isn't for everyone. I enjoyed the books (1 & 2) but Crichton was a genius, imo. The movies are fun for the most part.

      Ugh, I hate reading slumps. Going back to old favorites is probably the best way to combat one. Ack, eye things are awful. I need new glasses, but I hate the eye doctor.

      Eek. But you'll figure it out. I hope the Starbucks and the drive helped. Or the shower and the clean hair. Whatever works. LOL

      We got some rain, but it's heating up again here. Bleh. I want the cool, too!