Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cold Turkey

I quit football cold turkey this year.

I can't watch it anymore.  I can't watch a game where I don't respect the players or their institutions.

It's not just the whole kneeling for the national anthem thing - although that's part of it.  It's the outright criminals who have played and are allowed to play.  The wife beaters and the animal abusers and the thieves and the addicts... Ugh.  It's the universities that are so leftist I want to gag.  It's the college athletes I loved who go pro and turn into thugs.  It's the cheaters who are allowed to get away with it and the fans who celebrate the cheating...  Anything to win, right?

Meh.  I'm done.

That first weekend of college ball, which has always been my favorite, was hard.  Me, the gal who would jump between several games all day long on Saturdays and watch the U of M games with abandon, didn't watch a minute of any of it.  And I got a little twitchy.  This was the third weekend and it does get better.  Although, missing Sunday night's Packer game was still hard.

Like any addiction, I didn't expect quitting to be easy.  I still look at the scores sometimes, but I'm weaning myself off that stuff, too.  (Although, seeing that OU had beaten the crap out of the Buckeyes did brighten my day.)  I still follow the Packers on FB, because it's the PACKERS for petesakes.  And the Packers organization hasn't done anything to make me want to gag - as far as I know.* I still wear my U of M sweatshirts.  Think of those as hearkening back to the days of Bo, when the university didn't suck and football was pure.  Kind of an 'in memorium' thing.

I don't know if I'll ever go back to being a rabid fan of football again.  Maybe someday if it ever gets back to where it was.  I don't see that happening.  For now, I'll say no and find something else to do with my fall weekends.  Let's hope I'm over the whole thing before this year's bowl games, or I may need a rubber room and a pile of chocolate to combat the DTs.  ;o)

Update: Yeah, the Packers are out, too.  Bastards.


  1. Baseball is my drug...er...game of choice. I only pay attention to college football as far as the REAL OSU (Oklahoma State) and OU (University of Oklahoma) are concerned. I'm not glued to the TV, mainly because I fear I'll jinx the teams--LOL--but it's usually on somewhere. As for the NFL? I haven't paid any attention to them since the Cowboys fired The Coach (Tom Landry), which was a few years after I dated a couple of the players--more as friends than anything romantic. That was back in the 70s, which was the Golden Age of the NFL as far as I'm concerned. Since then and especially with the current situation? I'm so done with all that.

    Hang in there. You can call me if the DTs get too bad. LOL

    1. Hubs is a baseball fan first, so this not watching football thing isn't bothering him a bit.

      LOL, thanks!