Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday This n That

Today's bird of the day is a toucan.  I having a feeling that I'll be quietly craving Froot Loops (tm) all day.

I saw a quote this morning that said something along the lines of 'the mistakes you never made are the ones you regret the most'.  I call bullshit on that one.  I don't have any regrets about not moving to Australia - a goal of mine back when I was like 16.  That would've been a HUGE mistake.  And I have absolutely no regrets about never getting into drugs.  Oh, sure, I tried pot when I was in college.  Regret that seriously since its effects on me were extreme technicolor yawning.  Massive, major, 'I will never ever forget that' ralphing. So much so that even a brain injury could not wipe that memory away.  Fun, fun.

This lead, of course, to a conversation in which Hubs and I tried to figure out once again why people do drugs.  Which reminded me a Robin Williams bit from his 'Live at the Met' show.  "Cocaine.  Anything that makes you paranoid and impotent, give me more of that."  I seriously don't get it.  Well, maybe a little.  I was a serious drinker once upon a time, and looking back, I figured out I was drinking so heavily because I was trying to blank out from everything.  I got over it.  Maybe if people spent more time using their brains instead of trying to blank them out, they'd be better off.  :shrug:

Unfortunately, this conversation also led to me mentioning that Lewis Carroll had to be doing some serious drugs when he wrote Alice in Wonderland, which led to me thinking of that silly song from the Disney movie about the momraths.  And now it's stuck in my head.

The fall bird migration has begun here in the Ozarks and we're seeing the travelers in the yard.  So far, mainly warblers.  Yesterday we had a cerulean warbler and two yellow-rumped warblers.  So pretty.  And so small.  You really have to be paying attention to see those buggers.

It's also gotten cooler this week.  Yay!  I'm actually wearing socks and sweatpants this morning.  And a sweatshirt!  =o)

What's up in your this-n-that world today?

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  1. My hummer(s) have been frequenting the feeder. I'll miss her when she heads south because she was really late in arriving. I have a huge flock of doves congregating. Of course, we're coming up on dove season so they're moving into town.

    I just haven't been able to wrap my brain around work this week. The insomnia isn't helping. I'm up and down all night and my days are spent in a fog not even chicory coffee cuts through. Gotta get over this.

    BIG football game this Saturday--OU vs. Ohio State. (I REFUSE to call that place OSU!) Problem is, the game is scheduled for ABC. Hearst (parent company) is in a dispute with several cable companies, including the one I'm currently stuck with. We might not be able to watch the local ABC channel. That's gonna p!$$ off a whole bunch of people--at Hearst AND Cox if they don't get the fee dispute worked out between now and then. We may be watching the stupid game on our smart phones using the ESPN app. *rolls eyes*

    The REAL OSU won their first game, beating the 18 point spread by 35 points, and they LOST a rank spot. WTF?!?!

    My Cardinals are now 2 games out of the NL Wildcard race, 4 games out of the NL Central divisional lead. Not a whole lot of game time left. *chews nails*

    That's about it for me. It's cooler here but I'm still in flip-flops and a tank. LOL