Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 35


The coffee is strong this morning and the nicotine is flowing.  And I think I actually slept last night, which is weird as hell.  But enough about that.

Edits for Wish Hits the Fan are done.  Today is for formatting.  If I get it done, I may upload today.  Definitely uploading tomorrow at the latest.  Which means I will be outside the ten day window for setting books to 'pre-order' on Amazon.  Yay!  Then I can forget about it - well, except for marketing and junk - and get back to writing Early Grave again.

Last week, I read The Great Escape (yes, the one the movie is based on) and it was most excellent.  I cried, of course.  Then I read The Black Fawn by Jim Kjelgaard (the author of Big Red) and it was also most excellent.  And I cried.  Then my edits came back and I stopped reading to get this done.  Next up on my reading to-do list is Silver James' Assassin's Moon.  Squee!

I went fishing a little.

In case anyone wants an update on my ankle, it's still there.  The bruising is gone.  It's still a little twingy from time to time.  Thanks to you all for your concern last week.  I'm still taking it easy.  Well, as easy as I can take anything.

Along those lines, we got the weeding done for the year.  Any weeds grow and they get a reprieve until spring.  I really do hate weeding.  But I really do love how nice the yard looks when we're done.  So I guess we'll keep doing it.

We now have 5 fawns in the herd.  This last one arrived with a couple dark colored does and it has almost no spots left.  Wherever they came from, they're ready for fall.

And we lost a baby raccoon this week.  It died of unknown causes in our back yard.  I suspect snake bite, because it didn't actually look sick or injured.  Of course, I didn't do a full on investigation.  Hubs buried it for me while I was out shopping.

Well, I guess that's it for me.  What it for you?


  1. Awwww! I hope you like AM and I don't think it'll make you cry...

    Poor baby coon. I suspect you're right about COD.

    I didn't sleep last night. Finally dozed off about 5 a.m. and woke up about 9:30 with a massive headache. After copious amounts of caffeine, it's down to a dull ache. I suspect it's due to my tossing/turning/bad vertebrae in the neck. I foresee a nap.

    I did wake up with a character in my head. I have edits/rewrites to do but I think I'm going to take a couple of hours to write some scenes that are bugging me for books that are so far in the future they aren't even on the list yet but yeah... Until I get them out of my head, I probably won't be able to concentrate. I have one who insists she's going to assassinate one of the Nightriders. I need to write her so I know who and stuff.

    Today and tomorrow are way hot for the August we've had (far below normal high temps) but then a front comes through Monday night and the high temps for Tuesday/Wednesday drop into the 70s. DUDE! That'll be good for your fishing, too, provided the "lake people" haven't sent all the fishies into hiding.

    Crap. I need to post on FB and do my blog for tomorrow. Yeah, gettin' right on that--after one more cup of coffee.

    Take care of the ankle. My knee is a technicolor spectacle and has been doing a lot of bad popping since my fall. At least the head is mostly okay.

    And one last nature thingy. Not sure how many female hummers I have but she/they have been busy at the feeder. I'll miss them when they migrate.

    1. I loved Assassin's Moon, and no, it didn't make me cry. I hope you got your nap. You need to take care of yourself, too. Yay for the character popping into your head! Yay for better temperatures. I hope today is summer's last gasp. We'll see what the fishing is like tomorrow, maybe. Take care of your knee. And your head. Yay for the hummers. Ours are being especially aggressive with each other right now, chasing each other away from the feeder and all over the yard. I'll miss them, too, but they'll be back in the spring. Yay!

  2. Poor little racoon! How sad.

    I'm glad your knee is getting better.

    I spent this morning setting up Mom's new printer, getting the driver on two computers, etc. I swear, half my intended writing time is used up at Mom's place or at her PT sessions. But she can't do it for herself, so I will. Even though she insists on interrupting me to show me old photos (cool!) and long-expired warranties (toss it out, Mum).

    But as of last night 7C was up to 200 pages and 93,400 words, about 3/5ths done. Yay! No, oh-oh! This book may be 320 to 350 pages long. Yikes! Well, I'll worry about cutting stuff later. Or maybe I'll just shrink the font size and margins. ;-)

    1. When I saw the little brown fluff on the lawn, I was like 'oh, damn'. I hate when the critters die. It's good of you to do all the stuffs for your mom. I do what I can over the phone, but it's not the same. Yay for 7C... and boo? Hey, it's fantasy, so longer books are allowed. Don't cut too much! ;o)