Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 30

Another week has passed and Sunday is here again.  

Unfortunately, these days I don't have anything interesting to talk about.  I work, I come home, I veg, I sleep... Lather, rinse repeat.  And since I can't really talk about the particulars of work, that cuts of 40 hrs worth of my awake time out of my Sunday Update.

I did manage to get some reading done.  I finished two books last week and DNF'd two.  I'm most of the way through another book right now and I'll finish it today.  

Baking happened.  Nothing exciting or even different.  I made zucchini bread last Sunday and granola bars yesterday.  

I also hit the Wallyworld yesterday.  I'm in charge of the pop machine at work now, and part of that is acquiring the cans to fill the machine.  So, before I did my own groceries, I did that.  168 cans worth.  What can I say, it's been a while since anyone did this and the machine was out of damn near everything.  My back seat is filled with pop.  Which meant I didn't have room for deer food.  Needless to say, I need to find a better way to do this.  Then I went back in and did my own shopping.  I was a naughty girl and bought stuff we didn't need.  Next month, I need to go back to my usual shopping strategies.  And of course, it was pouring rain, so between the two trips into and out of the store, and the loading of stuff into the car, plus the trips from the car to the house, I was soaked.  

After the rain stopped, Hubs and I went for a walk.  Our first real walk in weeks.  We did a little over a mile and man, can I tell that it's been a while since I walked.  I also took a short walk on my lunch half-hour one day this past week.  Still too hot for such activities.  I was a sweaty mess and I only walked for 8 minutes.  Additionally, on the activity side of things, I was moving boxes of stuff around at the office.  Weight: 175.4

In other news, my bank was robbed in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.  The gals who work there couldn't give me any details, because it's an ongoing investigation, but there were observations I could make on my own.  For instance, the two robbers knocked out the right side of the glass double doors to gain entry.  I'm not really sure what these bastards could've gotten away with - the vault, where my safety deposit box is, is well... a vault.  The bank does have a security system, which alerts the authorities and has cameras, so there's that.  Unfortunately, we are far enough out that the police did not arrive in time to catch the assholes.  

While I was discussing this bit of local news with the gal at the corner store, she told me there are also reports of a camouflage Chevy Blazer in the area making threats to set people's homes on fire and rob them when they escape the flames.  Nice.  I also heard about two other robberies in the area.  One of the people I was talking to said all this crime is because of, you know, drugs.  I think it's because people aren't being taught not to touch what doesn't belong to them, while being taught that they're entitled to shit, and there are no longer any real consequences for bad behavior.  And drugs.  But that's just me.

And now, on to the weather... It's been wet.  I can't complain, though, because we've been hoping for rain for so long that complaining would be hypocritical.  So, yay, rain.  

Nothing much else going on around here.  What's up in your world?


  1. I'm jealous. We've had sprinkles. The rest of the state has seen substantial amounts but us? Literally sprinkles. 😔 (That's the "sigh" emoticon) We have another chance for rain this morning but radar looks like it will all stay north, but for the sprinkles. Sprinkles belong on donuts, NOT parched earth!

    Totally agree on the crime thing.

    Boring life here. The only news of note, which affects no one but me, my usual Starbucks, down the street from Wallyworld, is closed for a month for renovations. While reading the notice of this, I've learned there's a new Starbucks. 2 miles away and that much closer to me. I was just by there a few weeks ago when I gave blood and there was construction but no signs. I'm excited. I'll still hit the old place on Wally world days but the new one will become my go to because...closer!

    I wrote a little. I revised a litte. I proscrastinated a lot. Cards are hot and cold. OKC is getting a women's professional softball team (inaugural season June 2023).

    Can you tell I'm digging deep to find stuff? Yeah. On that note, I'll put us out of my misery. Have a great week! Oh, and I hope Hubs's Jeep gets fixed soon so mayber he can go get the deer corn. Later, tater. Enjoy the blessed wet stuff from the sky.

  2. I'm envious of your rain, too! It's dry, dry, hot-hot-hot, and dry here.

    Robberies and threats are way too scary! I hope your police catch them all!

    Hey, you've lost a bunch of weight. You rock, girl!

    My walks keep getting shorter and shorter, and they're limited to the shady areas. Boo! I miss my mile+ walks.

    I got some work done this week, but most of it was in buying waaaay too many Victorian magazines off eBay. I need to put myself on a better budget, not just a "I sold patterns so I can buy this" budget.