Friday, August 5, 2022

Thurs... err... Friday This n That

I totally brainfarted yesterday.  As in, I can't believe I missed Thursday and now it's Friday.  :shrug:

Hubs was doing this thing where he'd compare old pictures of various coastal places today versus way back when.  Take the Statue of Liberty, for instance.  Now... Then... count the bricks on the seawall from water level to the top.  Same same.  I did the beaches at Normandy.  Same same.  He found a site that was saying that this was no way to dispute the rising-sea-level' claim because the two pictures probably weren't taken at the same tidal point or some such crap.  My point was and is that we have documented 'experts' saying in the 1970s that certain places would be underwater by now and there is no tangible, objective, visual evidence of the water level even being higher.  Don't believe me, go look for pics yourself.  

Who ya gonna believe?  An expert or your own eyes?  ;o)

You may remember I got my brakes done a while back.  Well, something was hinky with the back set of new brakes.  It started out with a little thump and I took the car back over there and the dude told me it would stop after a while.  Well, it didn't.  It got worse.  I told Hubs, but apparently I didn't tell him hard enough.  Fast forward to Tuesday and Hubs hopped into the passenger seat while I drove us to go vote.  And he was all like WHOA, that's sounds bad.  Umm... yah.  We got home from voting and I went to work.  While I was at work, he called the mechanic and worked it out to bring my car in the next day.  He dropped me off at work and picked me up afterwards.  The damn brakes weren't set right.  The head mechanic apologized profusely.  Now it's fixed and my car doesn't make any untoward noises any longer.  Yay.  And the 6-7 weeks of noise didn't damage my new brakes.  Also yay.

Gas is down to $3.75/gal here.  I saw something on FB saying anyone who was grateful for a slight reduction in gas prices was an idiot because they went up so much that this little drop was nothing.  I beg to differ.  It's like when someone holds your head underwater for a length of time.  When they finally let you take a breath, you're grateful, even though you know they're going to shove your face back in the water again shortly.  And they know it.  

I took a trip down my last Walmart receipt.  It was not a pleasant trip.  The prices are totally jacked.  Take, for instance, vitamins.  Used to pay like $3-something for a small bottle of off-brand mens 50+ multi.  They didn't have any small bottles, so I got the larger one.  $12 and half or so.  And this was NOT four time more pills.  It was two times, so what, the small bottle is like $6-7 now?  Blerg.

I can't think of one thing that's better under this administration.  Seriously.  If you voted for this, slap yourself for me, will ya?

And on that note, that's probably enough out of me.  It's not time to get ready for work yet, but I've flapped my proverbial gums enough this morning.  What's on your this n that radar?  How's life in general?  I feel like we don't get to chat much anymore, so have at it.  


  1. I am so freaking irked right now! I have no effing clue what I did but I managed to leave your site (and my unfinished comment that I was getting ready to sign off on) and flipped to some "Shorten URL" page that I'd never seen before. GAH! Okay. I'll try to rebuild.

    Brakes. You'd think if they claimed to be a mechanic, they'd get it right. Sez the woman who won't even change her own oil (though I have--a VERY long time ago.) Of course, trying to find someone willing to in the trades is getting almost impossible. Just ask Mike Rowe.

    I remember when "Climate Change" was "Global Warming." Then we had that six or seven year patch of below normal temperatures. That's when they had to back up and find another catch phrase for their agenda. Yeah, some of the permafrost is melting. Not the first time, won't be the last time, and oh, by the way? The last time was ages before the Industrial Revolution. But none of them actually study history. They make it up as they go.

    LG managed to find some E85 grade gas for his truck at $3.09. His is a guzzler and we're lucky it'll drink the flex fuel. He does the majority of the driving so yeah. The victory lap the White House is taking on lower gas prices is nothing but a bunch of hubris. That's my word for the day. It pretty much applies to everything at present.

    I'm hoping for a red tide, one that doesn't kill sea life.

    We had some rain this morning. I woke up to thunder about 4:30. Not sure how much we actually got but some is better than none! Feels like a sauna outside so it didn't cool things down but I can live with that so long as the ground gets wet.

    Stormy is coming for the day. His dad is back in school and the kiddo doesn't start until next week. Thursday? I think. I suppose I should look at the calendar LG filled out to keep us straight.

    Not much else in my world. I've buggered my right shoulder again. I won't be on the computer much today as a result. Still gonna try to finish the last bit of revisions on UTAM. We'll see. Have a great weekend! Later, tater!

  2. Yikes to the brake mishap! I'm glad you got it fixed before you had a serious problem.

    It is waaay too hot here. 102, and it's not the hottest part of the day yet. Maybe it will cool down next week? They're predicting more "normal" temps then. Well, yeah, 100 is pretty normal in TX in August.

    If anyone has a little extra rain, please send it my way!