Monday, August 22, 2022

No Update?

When there's nothing to update, there's no update.  Basically, my life last week was the same as it was the week before.  I can't think of anything new that happened.  Work, reading, TV, eat, sleep... lather rinse repeat.  And I already talked about the reading.

How are things in your life?


  1. Much the same here. Did you have "fun" at work today?

  2. I figured that was what happened to you. I don't' (well, try not to!) until you miss a couple of posts.

    I spent Saturday afternoon with Mom and Brother in the ER -- Brother had chest pains. The doctors couldn't find anything. It turns out (once I got the whole story) he was having anxiety attacks. Le sigh. He's always been a worrier, and lately he's started worrying Mom would die. Well, she will, sooner or later. We all will. More sighs.