Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 31?

Sorry I'm late.  I don't really have anything to talk about.  It was a week.  It was busy at work and veggie at home.  (More of both in the coming week.)

I read one book and DNF'd several others.  I didn't bake anything.  I didn't do much in the way of activity and I only lost two tenths of a pound.  (Which I probably gained back after yesterday's see-food-eat-it festivities.)  We did just get back from a walk, so that's something.

If you missed it, I finally got my squeaky brakes fixed.  The silence is wonderful.

There's a doe around here with three fawns following her.  Not sure whether she had triplets or adopted some other doe's baby.  One is decidedly bigger than the other two.  We had a mama raccoon stop by this morning with three babies.  (It's not the same raccoon who came by with 4 the other day.  This mama is noticeably smaller.)  Someone ran over a copper head near the house.  :shudder:  Then this morning, we saw a dead Rough Green Snake (I assume it was this and not the smooth, because the smooth kind hasn't been seen in MO in a long time.  I did not touch it to verify my assumption) in the road. Bummer for that one because they aren't venomous and they eat bugs.

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet here.  Keeping my head down and working for the most part.  

How are things in your world?


  1. Same ol', same ol', here too, except Blogger is hiding the comment block again. But I found a workaround. Yay!

    Still too hot, but yesterday was only 99, after a 35-day string of over 100 days.

    Cleo has decided it's waaay too hot to sneak out the door. She dashed up to the door sill and stopped cold. LOL!

    Still buying tooooo many Victorian magazines, but I'm having fun. :-)

  2. I hate copperheads. They are nasty and where there's one there's at least one more. They hunt in pairs. Yay for maternal does and trash pandas. I totally get the rest.

    We had a trash panda actually climb up on the front porch bench looking for food the other night. I caught him on the Ring doorbell. Sadly, the cats and the stray papillon had already pretty much cleaned out the food bowls.

    Lunch was good with the kids yesteray. We atched the Cards' new pitcher shut-out his former team for five innings and then our bullpen kept the shut-out going. Awesome defensive plays because it was a 1-0 game. Cards beat the Yanks Friday night too. One more game today. I'm not predicting! No jinxing.

    I had ice cream for dinner last night. Having catfish forr dinner tonight. It's a southern thing. 🤣

    I also caught up on On Scene Live. OMG! Soooo glad I'm no longer in law enforcement. The dude on the moped that tried to take on Garo Brown? As Dan said, "What was he smokin'?" Oh, wait. Probably the crack in the glass vial he tried to kick away. And the poor little lady who..."recycles" and couldn't see a thing out any of the windows in her car. Sad. And scary. Anyway, I'm glad Live PD morphed into On Scene Live. Yay!

    Not much else in my world. Some writing. Some revising. Some book listening. Need more nap time. Cheers to a productive week for us all!