Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 34?

The internet is telling me last week was number 34.  I'm not sure I believe it, but eh, whatever.  Can you believe that August is almost over?  Yeeps.  Not much of note happened this week, but I figured I'd better do an update.  Let's see if I can make your trip here worthwhile with some semi-interesting stuff...  

It's been over two months since I wrote any fiction.  That almost feels like an introduction to a addict support group.  "Hi, my name is BE and it's been over two months since I wrote fiction."  At which point everyone would say 'Hi, BE.'  Except it wasn't an addiction and I didn't need a support group because I was doing it.  I might need a support group for not doing it.  'Writers Not Writing Anonymous' or something.  It kinda feels like I cut off an appendage.  I get phantom pains to write, but when I reach out for the ability, it's not there.

Whoa, that was disturbing.  :shudder:

Anyway, I read a great book this past week.  Visit yesterday's post to see what it was and a link to click.  

Yesterday, I made coffee cake.  It was my usual recipe, but I added applesauce to the batter and then dribbled applesauce over the top.  It turned out pretty damned good, if I do say so myself.  Today, I need to make granola bars because Hubs is out.

Speaking of Hubs, he's been working on my car.  This week, he took it to get the oil changed and he put two new tires on the back.  He also picked up the parts to fix my windshield washer - a new tank and a new pump.  Yesterday, the poor man spent 6 hours putting those suckers in.  In 90+ heat.  And during the test phase, we discovered it wasn't just the tank and the pump... the hose leaks, too.  He'll need to order that and go through the process of taking the front of my car apart again.  For now, duct tape is doing the job and my pump squirts liquid up onto the windshield again.  Yay.  Well, for now, my car will be put back together and driveable so I can get to work tomorrow.

Work is work.  Busy busy.  I'm still liking it for the most part.  There are a couple people I could live without, but I don't deal with them that often, so it's no big deal.  The owner seems like a good guy, and the four I have to deal with every day are good people, too.  The worst part is sitting like 90% of the time.  The 5% I spent standing ain't so good on the body either.  I need more motion in my day.  As soon as the weather cools down, I'm going to try walking on my lunch half-hour.  Fifteen minutes to eat and 15 minutes to walk.  We'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, to try and ameliorate the ouchies caused by sitting too much, I ordered a gel chair cushion.  It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.

This week, I discovered I've lost 10 pounds since I started work.  It's gotta be due to the whole not grazing all day thing, since I am definitely not getting any exercise.  Weight: 171.6.  That's the lowest I've been in like over 10 years.  A pound lower than the start of 'rona when I stressed so bad I dropped a bunch of weight.  I gained all that back.  Let's see if I can keep this off.  

Let's see... what else...   The fawns are getting bigger and their spots are starting to fade a bit.  We saw Chester Chipmunk and he looks well.  My gardens are toast.  Everyone in my family is doing well, as far as I know.  

Oh, one last thing...  I went to Wallyworld yesterday.  Lucky for me, I didn't need that much stuff.  And I still paid $48 total.  The price of damn near everything had jumped.  TP was up $2 from the last time I bought it.  $12+ for a 12 pack of Great Value when it was $10+.  Under Trump, the same toilet paper was $6+.  Doubled in under 2 years.  Thanks, Creepy Joe, you rat bastard.  

And that's it.  How was your week?  How's life in general treating you these days?


  1. Hello, my name is Silver and I haven't edited or revised in over two weeks and I've only written 1K words in that same period. I'm totally game to join WNWA. Congrats on the weight! That's awesome and yeah, you can totally keep it off! Glad work is still cool and yeah, Creepy Joe needs to go sit on his rich beach and get out of our lives.

    There was a week. It started shitty with the ambush and murder of a deputy I used to work with and who my BiL often worked with. It ended with his funeral and his partner, also shot, being released from the hospital. I was in a bummer mood all week.

    I'd open the 1st book I want to get back out there and my brain would just sort of start spinning that pinwheel of infinite "not loading". My sales have tanked so part of my brain in railing. The rest of me says, "Shut up." Gotta fix that ASAP.

    Lots of baseball. And college football started. My Cowboys play Thursday night. Yay.

    The Ring Doorbell still reads the skunk as a person but ignores the very large dogs who raid the porch. I guess the Ring has figured out that Jake's barking is alert enough. 🙄

    Zipping through a favorite series. New release. Yay.

    We didn't win either lottery.

    Coffee. That says it all.

    Here's to a good week for us all! Later, tater.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out where August went... But I turned 66 somewhere in there.

    I need to join WNWA, too. I got a little work done, but I'm back to "where did August go?"

    Congrats on losing weight! I seem to be slowly gaining. Well, at least it's slow, and the doctor warned that the new meds might do that to me. I need to walk more!

    Hugs to Silver over losing her coworker so horribly!

    We had 3" of rain last week, so my yellow yard is green again. Yay!