Thursday, September 1, 2022

Thursday This n That

As I type this Wednesday night, Hubs is watching Dr. Strangelove.  I don't think I've ever watched it all the way through.  It's definitely a weird one.  

Apropos of nothing...  You know, there have been plenty of times in my life when I have been poor.  Scraping to make ends meet poor, not wondering whether I would have a next meal poor.  (Okay, there was that time in college when I only had enough money to eat something small once a day.  I lived on Little Caesar's breadsticks - when they were 99c a bag and I could make a bag of those things stretch for a few days - and the occasional Hardees 99c breakfast biscuit.  I could eat all week on like $5.  And I went around campus collecting cigarette butts that still had a few puffs left in them because if I had something to smoke, I wasn't as hungry.)  Anyway, as thin as things were from time to time, there were two things I never missed - rent/house payments and car payments.  Those got paid first.  Then the electric bill - cuz Michigan sucks in the winter with no heat, eh.  Then food.  Whatever was left got spread around to other things, like phone, credit cards, etc.  (Needless to say, I didn't have much on credit cards, because they would've been fools to give me credit.)  I had a tiny TV with an antenna that picked up three stations.  If I had splurge money, I might buy a half-gallon of cheap ice cream or a bottle of Boone's Farm.  I don't understand how other people think, but that's how I think.  Tighten your belt.  Pay your bills.  If you don't you're stealing.  

Yeah, that had a basis.  Not one I can discuss here, but it was there.  Life can be rough.  Suck it up, buttercup.  No one needs a smartphone.  Or TV.  You don't need booze or fancy food.  Or fancy clothes.  Hell, I'd say you don't need internet, but these days, life would be harder without it.  Prioritize.  Figure out what your actual needs are and stick to them.  

On a different subject, the young gal at work was totally dressed cute today.  And it was totally '80s.  Which I told her.  She was rocking a cute red blazer.  And I hope she took my words as the compliment I meant.  She seemed pleased.  Anyway, we got talking a little - because neither of us had time to chat - and she's into thrifting like I am.  I showed her my awesome slacks that I got for $4.  I can thrift with the best of them.  LOL, I have a lot of practice.

I just got an email from LinkedIn telling me I'm on a roll with my career.  I opened it, wondering what the hell they were talking about.  It was filled with suggested people to connect with in the writing world.  Yeah, if that was my career, I sucked at it.  (No, I don't think I sucked at the writing.  Just the career part of it.)  Talk about depressing.  If I had been good at the career part of it, I wouldn't have needed a job.  Duh.

God, I love ice cream.  I had a big, ol' bowl of chocolate ice cream with peanut butter stirred into it and drizzled with dark chocolate syrup.  Yummers.  

And I'm down 10 pounds.  Feel free to hate me.  The secret?  Busy busy at work, don't eat much throughout the day, stress.  I can eat all the ice cream I want now.  Bwa ha ha.  If I throw in some exercise here and there, I'd probably get back to my courtin' Hubs weight.  Only 36 pounds to go.

On that note, I should probably get back to the movie.  Maybe I'll be in time to watch Slim Pickens ride the bomb.  LOL

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  1. That's a classic film and one of LG's faves.

    I've been lucky. I've been in tight straits money-wise but never where I had to stretch a bag of breadsticks. I did work 3 jobs when I lived in Colorado--my day job at a brokerage house, my night job as a bouncer at a night club, and my Saturday day job as a waitress as a salad/sandwich place. I managed to pay my bills and have enough left over for gas, food, and the occasional shopping trip for books. Books have always been my splurge item, though I've made a lot of library friends through the years.

    I tweaked over this whole tuition loan forgiveness thing. Only and Baseball boy both had athletic scholarships but needed additional tuition so loans, Pell grants, and work/study programs. We couldn't help as much as we wanted. LG had gone into solo practice and we were scrabbling. We were better off when she was finishing her masters and we paid that off before she graduated, but undergrad stuff was still outstanding. They've paid off their loans. Things have been tight but they pay their bills. They didn't default or miss a mortgage payment despite her salary being cut during Covid. Everyone in the company took a pay cut so no one had to be let go. All the deadbeats are getting rewarded and the productive members of society are getting slapped in the face.

    Side note, if I was an employer, I'd ask that question. Student debt? Did or are you paying it off or was your debt wiped clean by Sleepy Joe? If it was, I wouldn't hire them.

    Climbing off the soapbox. We got some rain. Not enough but better than nothing! A slight chance today. I'll take whatever we can get.

    Still no garage access. Uncle Fix-It's guy has been dealing with vandalism and break-ins at some of their properties. (My BiL is in commercial property management.) As long as I can park inside by first frost, it's okay.

    I managed four chapters revised this week. Progress! Today's blog touches on the subject. I have about 20 pages left so hopefully I'll be done today or tomorrow.

    My Cowboys have their first football game tonight. Yay. My Cards have pulled out some nailbiters and are still leading the NL Central. Luckily, travel day today so no conflict between them and Cowboys.

    Whoa. It's getting gray outside. Guess I should check radar. Hang in there and maybe you and the kiddo at work can go thrifting together one day. LOL

    Later, tater.