Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Universal Conspiracy

Strange things have happened to me lately that are starting to make me think the universe is conspiring to make me look like a fool.  Like yesterday...

I was having a fairly good day at work.  I even got a nice quiet end, where I was alone and the phone weren't ringing and I could focus on some stuff.  Then I get a call that there's a delivery headed my way.  The guy gets there, I open the garage door to the delivery area, and he bringing in the pallet worth of stuff.  Easy peasy, right?  

The garage door wouldn't close.  Hit the button, the door moves a fraction of an inch, and moves the fraction back.  Tried it again.  Nothing.  Looked for causes... couldn't find any.  Tried it again.  Nada.

I call the co-worker who lives nearby.  No answer.  I call another co-worker.  He tells me to hold the button down.  I hang up and go try that.  Nope, same thing happens.  Click, move, move back.  I try the first co-worker again.  He answers and gives me a couple more things to try.  I try those.  Nope.  Try the button thing again.  Nope.  

So, there I am with the building wide open and quickly approaching the time when I am supposed to close up and go home.  Now, I wouldn't have minded staying until other people could arrive - they were 40-45 minutes out, but I was told earlier in the day, no overtime.  Okay, so I'm willing to eat a half hour if I have to, but I'd really rather not.

I call the boss.  He's not happy.  There's nothing he can do.  I just wanted him to be aware of the problem and give me the number for his associate who also lives nearby, in hopes that the big D can come and help me fix the door.  I get the number and call the dude.  He arrives.  Yay, I'm not alone in my consternation.  Dude walks around in the bay looking at things and then asks me where the button to close the door is.  I show him and then demonstrate how I held the button down like I was told.

The damn thing slides right down as pretty as you please like there was never a problem to begin with.  Felt like a fool, looked like a moron.  But that's par for the course these days.  On the upside, I had eight minutes to spare before I had to clock out.  Yay.

Anyway, that's just the latest.  A while back, I was closing the office and the alarm panel did something really weird.  Like it always gives 90 seconds to exit and that time it gave 3 minutes, plus it didn't beep or talk like it always does... beep beep beep, exit now... and it shut all the lights off, which it never does.  The next day I tell people about it, in case it's like a new thing, and no one knows what I'm talking about.  That night, when I closed, everything was back to normal like it had never happened.  Derp.

Another time, I had a customer who was totally pissed and read me the riot act, so I took down everything he said and gave it to my supervisor so she could call him back.  I warned her, so she'd be prepared, and the guy was totally not pissed when she called him.  Like only a few minutes later.  Maybe he had a Snickers.  Maybe getting it all out with me took the vinegar out of him.  

Then again, maybe it was the universe, messing with me.  ;o)


  1. I hate when things like that happen to me. When it comes to something mechanical/electronic, I literally try everything, including googling YouTube for help before I call the husband. He has an uncanny way of getting things to work even after others at his job had fiddled with it 24 hours prior.

    One time when we were living in different cities, I noticed a water leak coming from the hot water heater. I knew to turn it off, but it wouldn't shut. It just kept turning in either direction.
    Okay, so I'll turn off the main. I couldn't turn that off. All I had was a pair of channel locks and I wasn't strong enough to close the valve deep underground. My big body building neighbor was not at home and everyone else was at work.

    I give up and call a plumber. Thankfully, he only charged me $10 to shut the valve. He had one of those T- handle valve wrenches.
    I finally called Greg to tell him what had happened. He was annoyed, but drove the five hours to help me.
    It turns out, the water heater had broken on the INSIDE. And because I didn't have a valve wrench, one of his coworkers who was a welder, welded me a wrench of my very own then scolded Greg for not being a better husband. LOL!

    In the end, I did all I could, but sometimes the universe has other ideas. I'm sorry it happened to you too. Believe me you have lots of company.

  2. The Universe can be so contrary! And have you considered that you have a "ghost in the machine" at work. Next time something weird happens and you're alone, ask who's there and can you help them. And have your cell phone on record, just in case! I'm not totally kidding. I have a poltergist that has followed me around since I was about 14 who does weird stuff. He's not very active now (not like when I was single) but he still pops in from time to time. I call him Freddie (LONG before Krueger) and if I can't find something, I ask him if he knows where it is. It usually reappears in a conspicuous spot (that's previously been searched multiple times) withing 24 hours.

    That said, if it's just the Universe, there's not much you can do but roll with the punches. Calling the Big U out never works out well for us mortals. LOL

    Hang in there and I hope things quiet down for you! 🤗