Thursday, September 29, 2022

Thursday This n That

 Eh, hair's good enough... don't need to wash it.  So now I have time to write a post.  Yay.

My Skechers arrived.  And they seem to be doing the trick.  

The other day, I wore a white shirt to work the other day and promptly dribbled coffee down the front of myself.

Same day, I was presented with a large box full of new-old stock covered in filth that I need to try and sell.  Luckily, I had gone home and changed my shirt to a black one, because I spent the afternoon washing the gunk off those clamshell packages.  Yay.  A co-worker told me the box had been in storage since before he started working there... ten years ago.  I have one more small box of parts to wash today.  I'm dressing down for it.

I answer the phones all day every day.  One day, a gentleman called twice in the morning, and had called frequently in the intervening days.  At the end of the second call when I asked for his phone number, as I always do, I told him that as often as he called, I'd probably have his number memorized soon.  He called again that afternoon and instead of asking for his phone number, I read it to him off the readout on the phone.  He was shocked and amazed that I'd remembered it.  I let him off the hook by telling him what I had done.  We both laughed.  

Ya gotta find your happy spots where you can.

And with that thought, I'll leave you for the day.   Have a good one, wherever you are.  :hugs:


  1. Not much this or that around here this week. I'm making headway on ASSASSIN'S MOON. I updated my personal FB header. Getting ready to update my author page header.

    Glued to the news yesterday. Will be today. Yes, I'm a rubbernecker when I can do it from home. Insane footage coming out of Florida. I won't comment on those civilians who thought they could ride it out.

    I forgot to hit Starbucks yesterday. There was a bonus 15 reward stars available. Oh, well. I did drink a lot of coffee despite that.

    Still working through my marathon listen of Jayne Castles SciFi/ParaRom series. Fun time. New release ahoy!

    Aannnd...I'm done. Happy Thursday, happier TGIF tomorrow. Have fun cleaning... *ducks and runs* Later, tater.

  2. I am almost guaranteed to dribble coffee or salsa on my white shirt. I think that's a rule.

    I was helping Mom garden yesterday when I tripped backward over a low stone "wall" and fell flat on my back. It took both Mom and my BIL to get me up again. I'm stiff and have a couple of bruises, but came up in better shape than I deserved.

    And last night, Mom's new garden was ripped apart by an armadillo (she thinks). That critter better not show its nose around here, 'cuz Mom wants to spread him on toast.