Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thursday This n That

I woke up way too early.  Like 4:30 early.  Hubs was up before me, so at least there was coffee waiting for me.  Yay.

Last night, after dinner, I got a hankering and made cookies.  Big ass cookies with plenty of chocolate chips.  I took one while it was still hot and slid it into the bottom of a bowl.  Then I covered it with vanilla ice cream.  Then I drizzled caramel sauce and chocolate sauce over the top.  It was awesome.

By the way, I accidentally bought sugar-free chocolate syrup.  It doesn't taste bad, but it's super runny and it freezes weird on my ice cream.  :shrug:  I bought it, I'm going to eat it.

Every once in a while, one of the guys in the office brings in food his lovely girlfriend has made.  It's pretty awesome.  The smoked steak was to die for.  The beef and mushroom thing with loads of gravy was yummers.  (Not as creamy as stroganoff. Could've been bourguignon.  Dunno.  Duncare.)  Yesterday, he wandered through and offered me sushi.  Umm, nope.  It was probably most excellent sushi, but I don't do sushi.  I also don't do spicy, so the chicken enchilada dip was a big no.  Didn't even bother to try it because he said it was a little spicy, and his 'little spicy' probably would've burnt out my o-rings.

I'm down 13 pounds now.  The unfortunate aspect of this is that my clothes are starting to not fit.  I know I know, what gal doesn't like shopping for new clothes, right?  I love new clothes.  What I don't love is the expense of new clothes.  Anyway, I had to order a new bra.  The old ones still fit, but almost not.  I'm back down to a 38D.  Luckily, I had saved one of that size from the before times when I was thinner.  Playtex all the way, baby.  They're the only brand I could order online and be certain it would fit right.  In the back of the closet, I also have a 36D I bought in a weird fit of optimism back when I dropped from 194 to 180.  I'm 168 now and that one is still a long way from fitting.  

Like I said, my clothes are starting to not fit.  It's mostly a pants issue.  All my cool comfy work pants are falling down.  But I'm not quite to the next size down.  (I was an 18... who knew?  When all you wear is sweats and elastic waist bands, it's hard to tell.)  So, the 18s are sliding, but the 16s are still a bit too tight.  So, I'm alternating swimming in pants or strangling in them.  Might have to hit the thrift store this weekend and see what I can find that fits.  When you're losing weight, it doesn't make sense to pay full price for clothes.  

Wild Heart Ranch rescued a coyote.  The poor thing had the mange.  It was horrifying.  They got its skin all cleaned up and on the mend.  Then it was just pitiful.  Poor little bald thing.  Now its fur is starting to grow back and this morning I saw a picture of it where it's covered in all this lovely, golden-brown fuzz.  It still pretty shocking to see, but it's on the road to recovery and release.  Yay.

Okay, that's probably quite enough out of me.  Got anything on your this n that radar today?


  1. Yay on losing weight but bummer on the clothes. I know how that goes, which is why I haven't like EMPTIED my closet. You know, just in case. Ha! As if!

    Ordered Build-a-Bears for Stormy's school auction. A charity I follow called First Reads (promotes childhood reading programs) did a partnership with Build-a-Bear with a girl and a boy "reading" bear. Their t-shirts are about books and reading and they have little books that "attach" to their paws. They are too cute. The auction committee is going to add books to the baskets for the auction.

    I had tuna casserole the other night. LG was out for a "high school" boys-night-out and he'd found me some Stoeffer's Tuna Casserole single serve. There's a long story behind this that I won't bore you with. It was yummy!

    The last two nights I've been fighting leg cramps. All the different meds and the heating pad had little effect. Stupid body. And I'm brain fogged from lack of sleep.

    Happy Fall--or it will be as of 8:06 p.m. tonight.

    SEAL MOON isn't going up for preorder. I'll just upload it and release it once I get it done. Since Monday was scheduled as the release day. As it was, I only got 2 preorders on the 'Zon. The other stores? I'm not sure. I haven't figured out how to check that on D2D. And holding off on publishing didn't make all the different stores all hit at the same time. I'm STILL waiting for it to go live on B&N. Gah.

    Ending on a happy this. LG and I were in the kitchen the other night and he looked down to see Loki crouched in front of the microwave cart. He was doing his "butt wiggle." A few moments later, Jake came down the passage between the dining room and the kitchen and Loki sprang out, grabbing Jake's neck like he was a great lion attacking an elephant. LG turns and stares at me and says, "Oh. So that's what the butt wiggle means." 🙄🤣

    TGIF tomorrow! Off the webz and to proofing I go. Later, tater.

  2. Yay for weight loss! Maybe a belt, or even just a cord, will hold up the super loose pants until you reach the next level?

    Poor coyote. I hope his fur grows back quickly.

    I finally got to the doctor. She ran a million blood tests. Hoping they'll tell why I'm tired all the time.