Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 32

 I know I'm late, but hey, it's still Sunday.  Thanks for still stopping by, even though I'm not exactly here much and I'm probably boring as hell.

I still haven't written anything or done anything writerly since I started working.  I know scads of people write and work.  I just haven't figured out that secret yet.  Or rather, I've totally forgotten the secret because when I first started writing, I was working a full time job and I still managed it.  :shrug:

I also didn't read anything last week, hence the lack of a Saturday Reading Wrap-up this week.  Sorry about that.  

Work was busy last week.  I mean, it's always busy, but last week was intense.  And because of that, I hit 40 hours by like 2pm on Friday and they let me go home early, which was nice.  I would've worked 'til closing, but after I got home, I was so glad I didn't.  I didn't realize how tired I was until I walked in the door and put on my comfies.  I could've fallen asleep right then.  I probably should've at least napped then.  If I had, I wouldn't have gone to bed at 8.  Thank goodness for On Patrol reruns.  LOL

Yesterday, Hubs and I got the idea to go buy a new mattress.  My usual store said they had them in stock when I looked online.  When I called?  Nope.  So I called my alternate store - whose online thing said they had them in stock, too, but since the other store's online 'in stock' thing lied, who knew?  They said they had them, but quoted me a totally different price.  Anyway, we decided on taking the road trip and if they didn't have the mattress I wanted, we'd just call it a lovely day for a drive.  Thankfully, they did have the mattress.  We picked it up and then went out to lunch.  

If you know me, you know that's a big deal.  We NEVER go out to eat.  Anyway, we had Chinese.  I had sesame chicken and Hubs got a split platter of cashew chicken and sweet n sour chicken.  Yummers.  Then we had the leftovers for dinner.  Win win.

As for the mattress, it's still expanding.  The instructions said 24-48 hours, so it'll be tomorrow before we get to sleep on it.  Unfortunately, the only place to let it come to fruition is on the bed, so we're sleeping on our old mattress on the floor in the living room.  It's like camping.  I actually got a better night's sleep on the floor than I have in weeks on that old mattress.  Here's hoping the new memory foam thing is as awesome as everyone says it is.  If it is, I'll never buy another pricey-ass mattress again.  The old mattress is a Serta and it started to die years ago.  But who wants to spend that kind of money every three years?  Am I right?

Anyway, that was my exciting week.  Woohoo.  How are things in your world?


  1. I gave up on the old spring mattresses. I have a pinched nerve so sleeping has always been a problem. The memory foam has helped a lot. Even if I have to replace it every three years it's still way cheaper than a spring mattress. I've bought all of mine at Costco.

  2. I've been tired all week, so I totally understand the sacking out early thing. I think it's the heat and humidity combo. I'm waiting for Fall with bated breath. ;-)

    I hope you like your new mattress. I've never heard of one expanding before. Is that part of the memory foam? Not fond of the stuff, myself. My foam-topped mattress has a huge sag in the middle where my butt sleeps. But then, it's 10 or 15 years old, so I suppose that's reasonable.

    I got a little (very little) work done this week. All sorts of excuses, especially it's too darn hot! My brains are fried like the eggs in the drug commercial.

  3. I shut down yesterday before you posted so I'm getting the "Monday" update. LOL You've already read my blog this morning so you know what's up in my world. The Kids did the "bed-n-a-box" thing for their king-size and then for Stormy's "new" loft bed. They like it a lot and saved a bunch of money. That's probably the way we'll go when I give up on our mattress. It gets switched top to bottom (memory foam "topper" so can just flip it like the old-style) twice a year so the sags sort of even out. LOL

    Not sure if I'll get work on final formatting now that the 4-book revisions are done or take the day off because...braining is hard enough on a Monday, especially after an intense afternoon of pushing through to THE END. We'll see where the head is after my WallyWorld trip.

    Hope work slows down a bit and you can at least have the energy to read, plus I hope the new mattress provides good sleeps. Later, tater!