Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday This n That

 I get these emails from Ancestry letting me know when they found something interesting in one of my trees.  I used to get them and heave a sigh because I didn't have the money.  Now, I have the money, but I have no time.  :heavy sigh:

Speaking of time, we're supposed to be implementing a new thing at the office where we schedule our tasks throughout the day.  It's a fine idea.  We are all exceptionally busy all day and working more efficiently is always a good thing.  Except for when it comes to my job it's probably pissing into the wind.  You see, I am point man on answering the phones.  And they ring A LOT.  And just about every call is critical.  Now, if I was just answering the phones and passing the call along, scheduling my day might be doable, but I'm answering the phones, then a) dealing with the calls myself, b) taking lengthy messages and either sending the info through on chat or in email, c) hunting down people when it's critical... you get the picture.  I will attempt to schedule, though.  Actually, now that I think about it I already do to some extent.  I have to or I'd already be insane.

And my phone is the wonky one at the office.  Woohoo.  They keep saying they'll fix it, but no one has time, so I deal.  Improvise, adapt, and overcome.  Hoorah.

I made the decision when I started working that I wouldn't talk about the specifics of where I work.  It keeps my online life separate from my work life.  That and I already know they researched me online before they hired me, so they could be reading this right now.  :waves:  Besides, I don't necessarily want the people who've been nasty to me on the phone to connect there with here.  (They still could if they tried really hard, but why make it easier?)

We bought a new mattress on Saturday.  I'd like to say I love it.  :shrug:  I'm getting used to it.  

And with that, I'll let you go because it's just about time to get ready for work.  See ya in the funny papers.  ;o)


  1. Every job I had where I had to deal with the incoming calls? HATED it! Oh, I can multi-task but when I'm doing something "critical" and the phone interrupts? By the time I'm done dealing with the call, I almost have to start over on the critical. Power to you, baby!

    We stayed mostly in the 70s yesterday. It was still very humid but hey, I'll take it! Today, a little warmer, then back to the 90s until next week when another front brings back cooler air and maybe rain. I am sooo done with the 100s!

    I'm starting at the beginning. I opened RESCUE MOON. I checked off my formatting list. Now I'm doing the final read-thru before updating blurb and back matter (doing new links on the book list that I hope the 'Zon will let slid by. I know D2D will.) Anyway. I'm finding typos. Ugh! And I'm adding more words. Got through 24 pages yesterday. Have hopes I can get the rest done today and then either upload tonight or first thing in the morning. Then it's one to the next one. I WILL get them all up and either released or on pre-order before the end of August.

    Next project is finishing CROSSFIRE. I'd love to have it out by the end of September. We'll see. Gah.

    Tried a chicken marsala thing last night. Not great. Will toss that one.

    Walmart and Starbucks keep emailing me surveys, enticing me with winning big gift cards. I keep filling them out. Like a contest guru once said, you ain't gonna win if you never play the game.

    And this is the end of my that. Time to get on with the day. And since it's not even 8 a.m. yet, go me! Except I need waaaay more coffee. It's almost TGIF. Hang in there you busy bee you.

  2. It's the pits to have a wonky phone when half your job is using the phone. I hope they get around and fix it soon!

    I think I told you that my sister wanted us to all move into travel trailers and live on the road. She and BIL tried it for a week. Well... they didn't kill each other, but it sounds like they came close. That idea is nixed.

    Now she wants to sell all our houses to the rich neighbor (who months ago expressed interest in buying them) and move singlewides up to the remaining 5 or 10 acres (I don't know how much is up there). That idea is very tempting. I'm ready to downsize! And clean out my former sewing room (now my junk room).

    So I'm joyfully looking at singlewides. And trying to throw out at least one piece of junk a day. Whether or not we move, I'll be happier. :-)