Thursday, July 7, 2022

Thursday This n That

Remember that Jon Lovitz character from SNL who always had a story about how he did whatever the other characters were talking about?  I think I've reached the point in my life where I am that character.  I mean, I'm 52 and I've been all over, doing all sorts of things, so yeah, I pretty much have a story for loads of situations.  And I'm my father's daughter, so I tell the stories.  The difference between me and Lovitz?  My stories are true.  :shrug:  

Yep, Dad was a talker.  He had a story for any situation and they were true.  And if he didn't have a story, he told a joke.  Dad's jokes... totally NSFW.  

So, I'm working full time and I'm still doing spreadsheets for the office.  This was busy spreadsheet week.  Eight spreadsheets.  Well, 7 spreadsheets came in Mon-Wed and those were worked into 15 other spreadsheets.  So, another 4-5 hrs worth of work.  Plus another single spreadsheet came in with 3 tabs that need to be worked into 6 total sheets.  I gave up last night and sent my time sheet in.  I'll do that last bunch tonight.  Woohoo.  No seriously.  It's good to be busy.  

Speaking of busy, Hubs has been deep cleaning the house and rearranging to make things tidy.  Not furniture.  Like closets and junk.  Well, he's moving furniture to clean under it, but he's putting it back where it was.  It's all good.  He moved all the extra pillows and blankets out of the closets, put them in their own bags, squeezed all the air out, and slapped labels on them.  Then he took a shelving unit and put all the bags on it in the storage closet.  It's genius.  And we now have scads of room in the closets.  I tell ya, Hubs is better at this than I ever was.  LOL

I've been searching for clothes online.  Shirts are easy.  I found some nice breathable polo shirts for like $15.50  each.  Huzzah.  And I raided Hubs' closet, so I'm good until I get new shirts.  Trying to find pants that I can wear to work that will be comfortable enough to wear all day, that won't cost both my legs to buy, isn't easy.  Between day-job and pay-job, I have the money.  I just hate spending more money on something than I think is necessary.  I may have to suck it up and spend more for pants.  Blerg.  The tightwad in me is squealing like a wee piglet.  

I'm wondering if I should change the name of this blog.  I'm not really writing much anymore.  Eh, that may change, so I'll leave it for now.

Okay, I got a late start today, so I guess I'd better get my buns a-movin'.  Have a great day wherever you are.  And drink plenty of fluids.  It's a scorcher out there.  Yuck.


  1. Naw, leave the blog name alone. Yay for being busy and good luck with the shopping. I HATE shopping for clothes. I also hate to get rid of them know...I might need that shirt someday, even though it hasn't been out of the closet in over 6 years. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I need to suck it up and just clear out the detritis.

    It's freaking hot. 102 yesterday. 103 forecast today. Ugh.

    I need to stop circuling the drain. I'm really dedicated one day and get several chapter done and then the next day, the brain just won't get in gear.

    I'm giving blood Sunday.

    Had a weird dream last night. Stacy Abrams was in it. Yes, THAT Stacy Abrams. We were in a courtroom. She was there about a case having something to do with her walking in a stairwell. I was there with Jake over having a service dog. I won. The judge's parting words: "Ms. Abrams, I think her service dog trumps your stairwell." No clue. Seriously.

    On that note, I need more coffee so I can finish the morning routine and since I sluffed off yesterday, maybe I'll get some work done today.

    Hope the "oops" from last week got resolved easily. Tomorrow is TGIF. You got this, babe!

  2. I need to borrow your Hubs. Desperately!

    I hate buying clothes. Worse, I hate buying clothes at WM, which is where I usually end up. And worst of all, I HATE HATE HATE trying on clothes. It's a good thing I don't work outside of the house! But all of my "good" clothes are now vintage, so I guess I'd be okay. ;-)

    I vote you leave your blog name be. You'll get back to writing when it's time.

  3. Leave the blog name. Blog writing is still writing.

    Is your hubby naturally organized or did he come with a set of instructions? Mine just prefers to buy a bigger house. :o/