Thursday, July 21, 2022

Thursday This n That

Shit, it's Thursday.  Where did the rest of the week go?  Seriously.  I swear it was just Monday.  

Yesterday, I left work at the same time as one of my co-workers.  She got into her car and rolled down all the windows, then yelled to me that it was 114 in her car.  I have manual windows, so I was walking around my car rolling all my windows down at the time.  When I got in, it felt like 130.  And of course, my old car doesn't appreciate it when I run the AC.  Of course.  Callie Cavalier growls at me when I try to run the AC... the bitch.  So, I hopped in and drove.  The air coming in the windows... Well, you know that whoosh of hot you get when you open the oven to check whether the pizza is done in the middle?  That's about what it felt like.  Lucky for me, I only have a 5-7 minute drive.  By the time I got home, my lighter was hot to the touch, as were the metal bits on my purse - both of which were inside with me all day.  Hell, I was hot to the touch.  We won't discuss how hot the steering wheel and gear shift were.  

It's bill-paying day.  Woohoo.  As soon as I get this post finished, I have to go do that.  Then shower.  Then work.

Hey, my new sheets and shorts arrived yesterday.  We have two sets of sheets we rotate.  One of them developed a hole in the fitted sheet, so that's relegated to 'drop cloth' duty.  I ordered a new set to use as the main set and we'll take the older set and use them as backup.  I also developed a hole in the butt of my favorite shorts, so I ordered two new pair.  Hubs is washing everything right now.  Yay.  After this morning's shower, I'll put on a pair of the new shorts and tonight we'll be sleeping on new sheets.  

We have a baby bunny living just off the yard.  Not sure where, but close enough that we're seeing her frequently.  Yay.  

Speaking of babies, the fawns are doing fine in this heat.  Of course, Hubs is refilling the water pans like 3 times a day.  And we do live near a lake.  Still, the water is fresher and cooler here.  

Okay, well, I should probably start me day.  Have a great one!  


  1. Yeah, hot cars are a bitch. LG's AC in the truck starts to blow hot air if it sits and idles for too long. Once in gear and driving, the cold starts to blow again which is a yay. He also buys a can of freon at the auto parts store to refill the AC pump thingy when the air blows lukewarm regardless.

    We hit 100 yesterday for about an hour then clouds moved back in and we dropped to 94. The day before, it was 106. As bad as this summer is, still not as bad as 2011. That was the hottest summer on record. Ever.

    We won $6 dollars on a $15 ticket for MegaMillions. At least the ticket was paid for by them--we had $15 in scratchers and $50 from last weeks MM. LG had 3 numbers right. LOL That NEVER happens but when there's a chance at $300 Mil take-home? We'll splurge a little.

    Not much going on around here. It's too hot to do anything. I do get out 2 or 3 times a day and hose down the central AC unit. Our AC guy told us years ago to hose off the "coils" (all that waffledy metal behind the "cage") at least once a week, more often if the cottonwood is blooming. I discovered the other day that I can lower the temps coming off the fan blades by almost 30 degrees when I hose off the dust. I'm serious. It's megahot air coming off the top and then it's almost like AC from the vents inside after I hose it down. I'm hoping that'll help keep the pump and motor from having to work so hard during this awful heat wave.

    Not much else going on in my world. The All-Star game was a disappointment since the NL lost. At least Goldsmith hit a homerun so he can take that back to the Cardinals.

    Still fixing micro foods that are quick and light. It gets boring though--tuna salad sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches, hamburgers, hot links/brats/beef frank "hot dogs"...And the occasional chicken pasta salad because I like it even if LG is only so-so. We've noticed that producers are downsizing due to inflation. Shrinkflation is a real thing.

    Okay, get to work. Me too. Except you'll probably be productive and I'll stare at the monitor and go..."ugh." Later, tater.

  2. Oh, oh. I lost Thursday. Not that anything interesting happened at my house.

    My brother has been complaining of pain for months. The VA finally took x-rays of his gut, and it turns out his lower spine is in really bad shape. I don't know if they can or will do anything for him.

    Yay for baby bunnies and fawns! I don't see any here, but Mom has 5 or 6 grown rabbits that regularly cruise her lawn, and they act half tame.

    It's way too hot. My brain is fried. May I take a nap?