Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 29

We're more than halfway through the year.  Things are looking up on a personal level.  We won't talk about on a world level, k?  I'm just muddling through and trying to live my life here.

I thought about writing yesterday.  That's actually a step forward.  I also tried to come up with a schedule with which I can get some words out without burning myself to a crispy critter.  It may involve writing in the morning. That hasn't worked for me in the past, but hey, this is a new world I'm working in, so maybe there's hope.  

I managed to finish reading two books last week.  Yay.  I'm still behind on my goal, but I'm not dropping further behind, so that's something.  

In baking news, I made cake cookies last Sunday.  Today, I need to make zucchini bread.  

At work, I was relaying what I thought was a funny story about getting home from work and then doing spreadsheets, wherein I attached the wrong file and sent it to the office.  It was posited that perhaps I was stretching myself too thin.  Eh.  I've attached the wrong file when I wasn't doing a day-job, too.  I make mistakes.  In the scheme of things, it wasn't the worst mistake I could've made.  Hell, I could've sent the right file to all the wrong people.  THAT would've been bad.  Yes, I am tired.  It's just a matter of getting used to all of this and acclimating myself to working when I haven't.  :shrug:  I must be getting used to it, or my brain wouldn't be thinking about throwing writing into the mix, too.  I tell you one thing, I probably won't write on the nights I have spreadsheets to do, too.  Hence, the maybe writing in the morning.  

Thankfully, Hubs is doing a most excellent job of taking care of the house, so really all I have to do is cook dinner.  And some nights, he does that, too.  Or we have leftovers or sandwiches.  It's all good, baby.

We had a bit of a scare this week.  Lumpy came into the yard with only one twin.  Fortunately, the next day, she had both of them with her.  I suspect the boy is starting to get more independent and decided he didn't want to follow Mom that day.  Nature can be a bitch, though, so if we lost one, it wouldn't be totally surprising.  Just sad.  

We're starting to see bucks again.  And we're playing the game of 'wonder which one is Sonny'.  For those of you who are new here, Sonny is Lumpy's son from two years ago who hung around with his Mom and his twin sister, Sissy, until last year's rut.  He's out there amongst the bucks somewhere.  I expect he'll be a little bit tamer than the other bucks because his mother and his sister are so much tamer.  They know which human is the food-bringer and what yard to find him in.  So Hubs can basically walk right by them and they follow him down to the feed pans, like big dogs.  They do not get close enough to touch, which is the way we want it, but they let him get closer than any other deer would.  

We have a bitty bunny hanging out here now.  She's about 2/3rd size of an adult rabbit.  And very chill.  Like the deer, she knows where she can get food and water, and remain safe.  Welcome to the menagerie, Bitty Bunny.

It's been so hot here.  And so dry.  Hubs has been watering my gardens so my plants don't die.  I don't expect great things from them this year.  If we can just keep them all alive, maybe next year will be better.  The vegetable plants... well, they're annual, so there won't be a next year for them.  But hey, they're alive, even if they are nowhere near putting forth anything edible.  

Well, that was a long-ass post.  Sorry.  Loads to say, I guess.  Anyway, thanks for reading this far.  Leave a comment, if you're not too tired from reading, and tell me what your week was like.

The hot and the dry are making life hard for the animals.  Which, I suspect, is why the deer have been eating my irises.  They don't usually do that.  Irises are not a food of choice for the deer.  This year?  Munch munch munch.  Like the hard winter where they ate my coral bells (another plant they aren't supposed to eat).  It is what it is.  

Speaking of deer eating things, they have ruinated Elmer the elm.  He's just a stick in the dirt now.  Hubs keeps watering it, but I think it's a lost cause.  :shrug:  We still have Cecil and Cedric cedars, though.  Fingers crossed that when they finally go into the ground, the deer leave them alone.


  1. Yay for wildlife, acclimating, and still liking the day job. Glad things are going along for you and Hubs. Not much of import around here. A couple of thoughts for you... Consider doing an old Twitter thing I used to do. It was called #1K1HR. The goal was to write a thousand words in an hour. Why not schedule an hour at some point during the day (monring or night), and attempt to write those words. If you get to 1K, yay. If you don't, still yay. Words are words. Just a thought. I'm just glad your brain is adjusting enough that it's coming back around to writing. Now, if I could just figure out someway to get mine off high center when it comes to revisions!

    I rescued a juvenile blue jay from the garage. Pete wanted to "help." The darn thing bit me as a way of thanks. 🙄 Yes, I was wearing gloves. I've put a shallow pan of water out in the island for the birds and other critters that come through. There's always a deeper pan on the porch for feral cats, wandering dogs, skunks, possums, and the occasional raccon(s).

    Do y'all get REELZ TV channel? "New" show debuted Friday, and plays for 3 hours both Friday and Saturday. It's calle On Patrol Live. It is LIVE PD reincarnated! With Dan and Sticks!!! And a lot of the same departments featured before. I'm ecstatic!

    That's actually the most exciting thing that's happened this week. LOL I managed some new words, two chapters of revisions, a couple of naps, lots of sweat every time I go outside, and thrilled that Pete figured out the cat door. It's the little things, doncha know.

    That's it for me. I need another cup of coffee and then I really need something constructive. Like laundry, whil it's only 83 outside. And maybe another chapter of revisions. We'll see. Coffee first.

    Cheers to a productive week for all. Later, tater!

    1. We were poised in front of the TV at 8pm Friday night. That did not go as expected, but we watched On Patrol - the full Friday night episode and part of Saturday's. YAY!!

      Yay for your rescuing a juvenile bird, even it did bite you. Blue Jays are pretty, but obnoxious. :hugs: Yay for Pete and the cat door.

      Oh, I'm going to try writing at least something toward the book (which one? dunno) every day that I can. Starting today. We'll see how it goes.

      Here's to a productive week! Cheers!

    2. I wouldn't have known except Only texted me. They had some technical difficulties at the beginning but bless REELZ--they just delayed the following shows to get the whole thing in! I'm so excited. Wait. Isn't that a song? LOLOL

      Oh, and I totally yelled "STICKS!" when they cut to the studio and I saw him. I know. I'm an classic idiot fangirl.

  2. Keep thinking about writing. A story line will sneak into your head and pester you until you HAVE to write it down. ;-)

    ROFL to the deer following your hubs around! Watch out or that bitty bunny will be right behind them.

    It's so hot here even the grasshoppers have gone into hiding. It seems a bit early to be wishing for Fall, but I have been for about a month now.

    I need to delete my eBay account. Or hide my password. Victorian sewing magazines are my downfall, even worse than Victorian fashion magazines. I try to be picky... Well, as long as my patterns are selling, I'm allowed to buy a few. LOL!