Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 27

My life is pretty boring right now.  Well, my life outside of the day-job and I can't say much about the day-job online.  The only things I can say are that I like my job and that it is super busy.  I'm catching my stride, though.  I mean, sometimes I still feel like... Well, have you've ever had a dog and thrown multiple toys up in the air, and when they come down, the dog's all like 'what do I chase first?'  Or I get settled into a task and then the phone rings or an email lands that needs to be taken care of immediately and by the time I get away from that, I need to take a moment to figure out what I was doing before the interruption.  But I'm getting there.  It's all a matter of sliding into my old groove.  

Then I get home.  Hubs tells me about his day, I tell him about mine.  Eat dinner, work on spreadsheets for the old pay-job, watch a little TV, and it's bedtime.  Hell, we went to bed at 7:30 Friday night because we'd both had busy weeks.  Hubs deep-cleaned the whole house while I was at work.  One room every day.  He was supposed to take yesterday off, but he spent an hour in the morning watering my gardens.  The man is an engine.  

I did get some reading done.  Yay.  

On Sunday, I made chocolate oil cake.  I also made what I'm calling zucchini bake that day, too.  Yesterday, I made homemade pizza.  Half the dough went for dinner last night.  The other half is in the fridge for like Wednesday.  Monday and Tuesday, I work until 5:30, so those days we mostly eat leftovers.  :shrug:  It's working for us right now.

We won't even talk about exercise.  One morning, I did do some sweeping.  And I gathered up the garbages at work and took them to the dumpster.  Weight: 178.2

Yesterday, I hit the thrift store.  No, not for books.  I basically went clothes shopping.  I picked up 5 new shirts and three pairs of pants.  Super cute stuff.  And I only paid $22 for it all.  I had two shirts in my Amazon cart and those totaled like $31-$32.  Needless to say, I dumped my Amazon cart when I got home.  Yay for thrifting!  Got more clothes and still saved $10.  The only sad thing was when I went to try on this lovely pair of gray slacks and they didn't fit.  So sad.  Maybe they'll still be there when I drop enough weight to slide into them.  I'd also like to add that I live in an area where rich folks like to summer and they take all of last year's clothes that they've barely worn to the thrift stores.  Yay.  I got this lovely pair of deep orange, blousy pants with gold buckly things.  Not sure what top I'm going to pair with them, but they gave me a happy.

Oh, and I ordered myself a new keyboard!  Finally.  It's the same model as the one I'm using now, but it'll have keys I can actually read!  I know, groundbreaking stuff.  I should've ordered two - one for here and one for the office.  But they're all wireless there, so I'm not sure how my wired keyboard would work.  :shrug:  My keyboard there is such a tiny thing, and my hands are so big, I keep hitting the F keys and opening weird shit while I'm typing.  

Lumpy's fawns are growing and look healthy and happy.  We're also seeing a single fawn that has to be a buck.  He's so big already.  

In gardening news, my tomato plants and my one lonely zucchini are growing.  I probably planted those seeds too late to actually get food by the time growing season is over, but they make me happy.  Unfortunately, Elmer the elm got eated.  Well, most of him anyway.  He still has his trunk, but most of his leaves and branches are in the gut of some deer.  Bummer.  

Okay, I think that about does it for me for the week.  We'll see what this coming week will bring.  As always, I hope I can find the time and the energy to do something writerly.  

How was your week?


  1. Yay for scoring new clothes! Yay for getting into the groove. Yay for Hubs being so awesome! Yay for down time and sleeping. Sounds like life is pretty good for you.

    I have absolutely nothing to report. I think some stuff happened but I don't remember. I need to go back and finish my post on your reading wrap-up from yesterday. I got distracted.

    It's bloody hot. Luckily, it cooled enough and the match was early enough that we went to watch Stormy play soccer. The kids ran out of steam about half-time though. Then we followed them home. They left for a short vacay, with house/dog sitters to look after Dozer, and we brought Only's 'Stang home so LG can do some "cosmetic" work on the interior. Long story.

    I'm giving blood today. And it's still bloody hot. Okay, off to finish my comment then shower time.

    Have a good week and work!

  2. Oh, yes, office chaos. So glad I'm not living there at the moment!

    Yay to new clothes! My favorite thrift shop moved, and I haven't tracked it down yet. (Umm, I keep forgetting to look for it. Good thing I rarely need new clothing these days.)

    Double hooray to a new keyboard! To make a wireless work, you have to plug in a tiny USB thingy. Just plug your wired one into the port where the old wireless one is.

    Poor Elmer. Hello to your fawns and veggie garden!

    Cleo loves to sit on my desk while I'm packing orders. She loves to watch the printer spit out paper (and tries to get it before I do.) She loves the sound of scotch tape. She LOVES to lie on my half packed orders. I think she wants to include a few stray hairs in the package. LOL!