Thursday, June 9, 2022

Thursday This n That

I have every intention of making a carrot cake today.  It'll be my first ever carrot cake, so cross your fingers for me.  I already bought cream cheese frosting and everything.  I'm also going to Wallyworld today, though, so I may not have the gumption to shred a bunch of carrots by the time I get home.

Hubs saw a fawn yesterday!  It's a little earlier in the summer than usual to see fawns, but yay!  I missed it because I was in the middle of making dinner and the french fries were this close to done.  By the time they were done, the fawn was gone.  

The Prothonotary warblers decided not to use the bird house.  Bummer.  Just as well, though, because they were making life difficult for the other birds who were trying to eat.

I tried quitting ice cream again.  Made it three days.  To substitute, I made rice pudding.  It was pretty good, but it just wasn't the same.  Maybe I'll just try to eat smaller bowls of it.  

Why would someone move out to the back of beyond and still expect things to work like they work in a city?  For instance, we have hard water.  I think it's awesome because I grew up on well water.  Not everyone gets that it's filled with minerals, though.  So, yes, I get calcium deposits on damn near everything.  Back home, the water was very iron rich which meant rust deposits.  You learn to live with it.  Vinegar and baking soda is awesome for removing mineral deposits, by the way.  We also have snakes.  And various other critters.  And we have a lack of rules out here, too.  No ordinances.  No building inspectors.  No HOA.  Personally, Hubs and I think it's perfect.  Other people?  Not so much.  :shrug:

Gah, I keep trying to write this post and then getting interrupted and/or distracted over the past hour now, so I might as well just post the damn thing.

Got anything on your this n that radar today?


  1. Yay for the fawn sighting!

    It's MUCH too hot to cook. It was 97F an hour ago (no recent updates) and way too humid. I'm hiding in front of a fan.

    Thanks for the vinegar and baking soda tip! I've just gotten used to having deposits on everything because I hate using harsh chemicals.

    Cleo seems to have decided that the best place to hang out is wherever she will be the most in my way. LOL!

    1. We saw the fawn again this morning! It is Lumpy's! Yay. I hear ya on the too hot to cook thing. Ugh, 97 is too much for anything. I'm glad the vinegar/baking soda tip was good for you. I hope it works. LOL about Cleo!

  2. Today is Friday? What happened to Thursday? I blinked and missed it. Literally. All the stuff I normall do on Thursday didn't get done. Thank goodness LG knows what day it is. He put the trash out for pickup. I would have forgotten, thinking today is Thursday.

    OU wond the WCWS. My OSU Cowgirls got knocked out of the semi-finals by Texad. Gives me a sad but OU walloped the Longhorns so at lease the Cowgirls didn't get embarrassed by their in-state rivals.

    Messed up my knee. No clue how. Could be all the rain. Buckets and buckets. We went from sploosh to tsunami.

    Yay for fawns and birds eating in peace though ti would have been cool to watch the warbler babies. City people tend to be "Karens." And I have to laugh at that term because that's LG's step-monster's name and she is TOTALLY one of those.

    Gonna recover today. I have about 30 pages left to revise. At least I did some of that Tuesday and Wednesday.

    I need more coffee. Later, tater.

    1. Thursday was a blur. And yep, I regularly forget what day it is, but Hubs is usually good about reminding me. Yay for OU but bummer for OSU. Ack, I hope your knee is better soon. :hugs: This weather is totally nuts. Heh, Karens. Yep, she's definitely a Karen, even if her name is different. Yay for getting some revisions done. Fingers crossed for the finish line! Enjoy your coffee!