Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thursday This n That

Hey, it's still Thursday!  I meant to post this morning, but I got distracted and then it was time to get ready for work.  

Man, we got slammed at work yesterday.  Thank goodness this afternoon was kinda quiet.  So quiet we were all afraid to say it was quiet and jinx it.  LOL

One of the things I do is collecting on past due stuff.  I figure as of today, I've already paid my wages to this point back to the company in the debts I've collected.  BE for the win.  Go, me.  Okay, so 7 days of work doesn't amount to any huge amount, but it's good to feel productive again.  And hey, it's good to know I'm taking some of the load of the gals who were slammed on a daily basis.

Nope, still not saying where I work.  =op

I had a meeting with the boss.  Kind of an informal, how're things going so far, chat.  He's good people.  They're all good people as far as I can tell.  Funny thing, though.  He asked me about my books and I went all 'deer in headlights'.  I guess I just made a wall in my head between that and this.  I can't think about being a writer when I'm in office worker mode.  

At some point, I need to slip into writer mode and then not think about the office worker.  Maybe this weekend.

It's hard not calling Mom every morning.  I do manage to get a couple short calls into the office first thing before I go to the day-job.  And I'm doing spreadsheets at night.  But the hour and twenty chatty calls with just Mom every day are a thing of the past.  I have to content myself with Saturdays, I guess.

There's an itty-bitty baby bunny who lives by the well-house.  I see it sometimes on my way to work.  It's soooooo cute.  

Okay, well, I'd better post this so it's still a Thursday.  Have a great day wherever you are and whatever you're doing.  :hugs:


  1. Well, no wonder I didn't see this yesterday. I shut down around 4 pm these days and get away from the computer.

    It's hot.

    Stormy had major dental stuff yesterday morning then he and Big Daddy went to Top Golf and hit balls for 2 1/2 hours, followed by bologna & cheese samwich, "What on Earth?", and golf lesson. He's coming today because he wanted to play more 3-par holes last night but Big Daddy and Mom were more than ready to get home so BD said they'd play this morning.

    It's still hot.

    Did I mention it's hot? It wasn't the first of the week. It was gorgeous. Now it's just ugly hot.

    That's all this is. A werather complaint. LOLOL Later tater.

    PS: Yay for the job and don't be afraid to blend your halves. Maybe he's interested in mysteries and thrillers or has kids that might like fantasy/paranormal. Just sayin'!

  2. Happy Friday! And wishing you a great 3-day weekend!

    I'm glad you like your boss. That makes life so much easier.

    This morning Cleo brought me a present -- an inch long gecko, which immediately got away. She chased it around quite energetically. Next time I saw it, it looked dead. Time after that, it looked like a worm, poor little thing. I guess I should be happy she didn't eat it; geckos always made Churchill sick.

    I hope she's as energetic with scorpions!