Thursday, June 2, 2022

Thursday This n That

No, the Kansas City woman who was shot by police wasn't unarmed.  Check the bodycam footage.  It clearly shows the gun in her hand.  

No, seeing a bobcat in the daytime does not mean it's rabid.  Bobcats are not strictly nocturnal.   You can also see possums, raccoons, and foxes in the daytime without it meaning they're sick.

The number of rains we get in August doesn't equal the number of snows we get the following winter.  Neither does the number of cicadas equate to how harsh the winter is going to be.  Not sure about the woolly-bear stripes, but they're supposed to equate to length and harshness of winter.  We've been doing independent research on that one.  It's probably not true either.  

If a person is inclined to commit a crime with a gun, making that gun illegal isn't really going to be a stumbling block.  If a person is inclined to commit a crime, and there are no guns anywhere, they will still commit the crime.  The problem isn't the weapon, it's the philosophy and the culture that make committing crimes okay.  Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens because criminals use guns is stupid.

Socialism is a fancy word for enslaving everyone to the government.  Communism is a fancy word for enslaving everyone to everyone else (and also the government).  I don't want to be a slave to anyone and I don't want anyone to be a slave to me.  Got it?

Clay, the bald eagle rescued in OK with a damaged wing, is flying again.  He's so beautiful.  I'm not sure if they'll be able to release him even now, because I'm not sure if he can do sustained flight at altitude.  He may end up living out his life in an enclosure at some raptor rescue.  But at least he's not trapped on the ground anymore.

The secret to oak mite bites (at least for me):  If you have one, don't scratch it.  Wait until it itches so much you can't stand it anymore, then take your fingernail and gouge it out with one motion.  (Just enough to pop the blister... for godsakes, don't go crazy there... there doesn't need to be blood.)  Then soak it with rubbing alcohol and apply a Bandaid.  It should stop itching after that.  If it doesn't, repeat.  Yes, I have oak mite bites again, why do you ask?  

It seems like every time I meet someone with kids, at least one of them has ADHD.  Hell, they probably would've diagnosed me with it.  I was a hyper kid with focus issues.  Why?  I was bored, for one thing.  The other kids took longer to get the lesson than I did, so why they were still being taught something, I was already over it.  The other thing for me was sugar.  Mom took away most sugary things from me, just to save her sanity.  And when she saw I was bored, she gave me something to do.  Or made me go outside and play.  I wonder if it's the same for the kids today.  Just pondering.

A Prothonotary warbler couple has taken a liking to my little birdhouse.  Which is cool.  It's also made the front porch a hazard for other birds, because those PWs are extremely protective of their nests.  This does not bode well for the visitors to our suet and to our hummingbird feeder.  Getting dive-bombed by little yellow birds while you're trying to eat is probably not the most pleasant of experiences.  One poor baby wren decided it wanted to see what was in the birdhouse and P'Dubya (the male) took it down.  Oh, well.  If She'Dubya (the female) wants to raises babies there, I'll let her.  And then move the birdhouse after she's done with this brood, so our regular visitors don't continue to get harassed.

And that's more than enough out of me this morning.  What's on your radar today?


  1. Hadn't heard about KC. But not surprised "they" got the story wrong.

    True. Occasionally, you'll catch a skunk out in daylight but them I'd be wary of, and not just because of their "defense" mechanism.

    People need to look up the stats on "good guns" preventing crime and saving lives. Also, it's more about mental health than guns. The Uvalde shooter posed with a sack of dead cats that he'd killed. Where was the "intervention" when that happened? Also, every time I'm out, I'm looking for places to take cover, how to be safe, save lives, and damn straight I wouldn't hesitate to shoot back. Yes. I DO carry.

    Don't even get me started on "policital science."

    Kudos to wildlife rehabbers everywhere!

    Ticks are bad this year. LG had one attach. I caught one crawling on me. Evidently, he didn't like the Jergen's lotion I use because he went from my neck, across my shoulder and down to my chest before I realized something was actually crawling on me. So far, lots of golden oak trees but no mites. *knocks wood*

    Had ADD/ADHD been a thing back in the dark ages, LG and I would have both been diagnosed. Only has ADD and we learned how to deal with the way she learned and how her mind worked when it came to stayin on tast. Behavior modification worked so no drugs. Stormy has ADHD and it was bad enough his doctor, who is anti-meds for the most part, decided there was no way around it. He takes just enough to "mellow" so he can focus. The kid is way too bright. The school even suggested bumping him up to 3rd grade but he isn't socially mature enough yet. 2nd grade teacher was in on the discussion and she plans to have extra stuff for him. 3red grade teacher loves him and can't wait to "get her hands on him." LOL Ah, the joys of a small, private school. He'd be a lost cause in a public school.

    It's rained. A lot. BIG dent in the drought which is good, but our "wild garden" is now a jungle. And ticks. Ugh. I HAVE to get out there and cut back grapevine and wisteria vines and weed trees. Once it dries out a little.

    Pete now has a bed. He moves it around to suit himself in the garage. He seems perfectly content and doesn't freak any more at the noise the garage door makes.

    WCWS starts today. OU plays at 1:30, OSU at 8:30. Probably won't get much writing done today. Four games, plus Cards baseball. I'm in my happy place. LOL

    Now you know this and that about my headspace. Have a good one! Later, tater.

  2. I can't help but think there's something sinister about ADHD. How can so many children be diagnosed with this in just the last two generations? Is it diet or the vaccines they give kids now? I don't know. It just seems suspicious.

    There are always going to be hyper kids out there, but why so many now?

    I'm getting ready to put hubby in the hospital for knee surgery next week. My biggest challenge will be to keep the dogs from jumping on his lap like he's always let them do before.