Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Bug-mageddon and Other Fun Stuff

 Is it just me or are the bugs really bad this year?  Not just quantity, but viciousness.  I mean, I'm getting eaten alive even when I only step out on the deck for a minute.  Last night, I went out to see if something was on the roof and came back in with three new bug bites.  I go outside for a smoke at the office and come in with new bites - through my pants.  Come ON.  And these are not just regular bites.  They're nasty.  And nothing seems to make the itch stop - not diphenhydramine gel, not cortizone cream, not calamine lotion.  The aloe gel I have is knocking it back some, but it still itches.  Oak mites, sure, but I saw two of the bugs bite me (you can't see oak mites with the naked eye).  One was pinhead sized and black, the other was grayish and a little bigger.  No clue what they are but COME ON.  

Hubs sprayed most of the lawn yesterday.  He'll get the rest today.  Unfortunately, the spray does little to flying bugs.  They have to land on where he sprayed to die.  Good thing for the butterflies.  Bad thing for these flying biting bastards.  Derp.

Anyway...  I'm pretty good at ignoring the itch during the day.  At night, though... Gah, I need sleep.  Looks like an optimal day to make coffee at the office.  For the first time.  I know, I know... it's shocking that today is my fifth day there and I haven't made coffee yet.  In my defense, it's been hot and I've been trying to stick to water at work.  (I haven't been.  They have a pop machine with Mtn Dew in it.  Gah.)  I think I'll take my big mug that has an old time advertisement for snake oil.  It cracks me up.  

Meanwhile, I'm still doing spreadsheets for the office in Michigan.  Yesterday morning, the big one I do every month came in.  It usually takes me 2-3 hrs.  I did some before work, a little before dinner, and then the rest of it after Hubs went to bed.  I could've taken a couple days, but I hate leaving things lie.  And I promised them I wouldn't let the day job get in the way of what I do for them.  I feel good having it done.  Yay.

And now that I've gotten distracted a dozen times and still don't have this posted, I should probably call it good and be done with it.  How are things in your world?  Are the bugs nasty where you are or is it just me?


  1. I have no clue what those bugs would be. *scratches head* Weird. I did find a tick crawling on me a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly, I haven't seen any misquito larve in the dog pool, even when I've been slow to clean it out. This is also weird. Try eating more garlic. I've had both a doctor and a vet recommend garlic as a way to avoid biters in humans and dogs. It worked well for Kaiser, our Newf who was allergic to fleas and we were in Virginia in the summer during a horrific sand flea infestation. We literally had to spray our legs with Off before we could get out of bed or our legs would be covered before we could get to the bathroom. It was awful while it lasted.

    I'll admit that I'm making less coffee. I do about three cups in the morning and then my tongue is all...yuck. I switch to Pepsi Zero. I should drink my key lime sparkle water and do sometimes but...caffeine!

    Hang in there. Hope the bugs go away soon!

  2. Knock on wood, I haven't had any bites yet this year. The wasps are extra vicious, but easy to avoid, and there are fewer of them. I did have a bumble bee chase me down the driveway yesterday. Ick! I don't have much run left in me, only a fast shuffle.

    I think the freeze late last winter and the drought ever since has slowed down the bug population. I haven't even seen a scorpion, though with a bored Cleo I probably won't for years. One got Mom, though, but she'd been careless and catless.

    I need to remember to be grateful to Cleo when she's driving me nuts. :-)