Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sunday Update - Week ???

Hey Everyone!  I'm too lazy to look up the week number.  It was a busy week.

Unfortunately, not the busiest week for writerly stuffs.  I got 858 words out on Justice Served Tuesday night, though, and I'm pretty proud of that.  Just the two agents talking in the car.  Frank learns Olivia is a closet Cajun and they discuss overcoming other people's perceptions.  I liked how it came out.

I didn't read much this past week either.  

Or get much activity in.  I walked on Tuesday and then last night I watered all the gardens.  Despite the lack of activity, I did lose two pounds, though.  Weight: 179.6

The reason for so little writing, reading, or activity is that I started my full-time job on Wednesday.  I'm loving it and the people are all very nice.  Of course, it isn't easy.  Not yet anyway.  They've been so slammed and without good help for long enough that I was kind of tossed into the deep end.  Good thing I can swim, eh?  Now, it's just a matter of getting used to working 8 hours in a row, 5 days worth in a row, with most of that in a seated position.  I feel like I can do it.  And I feel like I can excel at all the tasks they're asking of me once I get the hang of things.  Right now, the hardest part seems to be remembering to answer the phone as B, instead of my whole first name.  This, too, will pass.  

I do need to find a way to be active while working 8-hr days.  Might be time to start working the exercise bike again.  Twenty minutes in the morning before I go to work or after I get home should be doable.  We'll see how that goes.

Last night, Mama Raccoon finally brought her babies to the yard.  She has FOUR this year!  Wow.  That's more than she's ever brought.  Her biggest litter was 3 and that was last year.  And they're all so cute.  I wish the light had been good enough to get some pics.  

Lumpy brought her twins again.  Also very cute.  I think she's got a mixed set again - boy/girl.  One is definitely larger than the other and I read somewhere that the larger fawn is almost always a buck.  Now, we need to come up with names.  I mean, her last fawns were 2 years ago and we named them Sonny and Sissy.  Speaking of that, Sissy is so tame with Hubs now that he can walk within a few feet of her on the way to the food pans and she just stands there.  Then she follows him the rest of the way so she can be the first to the food.  She only does that with Hubs.  She avoids me like the plague.  And that's a good thing.  It's not safe for her to be too friendly with humans.  Especially during hunting season.

The neighbor I gave zucchini plants to last year started bringing us zucchinis this year.  He planted 6 plants and he said that three of those are ours.  We told him that wasn't necessary, but he insisted.  Anyway, he's probably brought us like 20 zukes so far.  I spent part of yesterday getting those shredded or sliced and put away.  I'm playing with the idea of making pickled zucchinis.  I've left about 6 to take to the office and see if anyone wants them.  If they don't, I'll bring them home and shred or slice those, too.  Tuesday, I finally made bread with the last bag of shredded zuke I had put back in the freezer.  

I think that's about it.  How are things in your worlds?


  1. As busy as you've been, I'm not surprised you're tired. Hooray for words! I hope your job inspires you.

    Yay for Lumpy's twins and baby raccoons! Hey, Sissy knows where the good stuff comes from. :-)

    I got a bit of work done, but I've been getting too many orders to do much. (We're not talking about the naps, but I'm slowly taking fewer of them.) I think part of my problem is the heat, but that's supposed to ease up this coming week.

    I'm wishing you a wonderful work week!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I hope to get to where work is automatic and I'll have the brain power afterward to write.

      Yay for getting work done and yay for having too many orders. That means business is good! Way to go! Yeah, the heat definitely saps the energy right out of a person.

      Have a wonderful week, too!

  2. Yay for the job going well and yeah, your body will adapt eventually. Nice neighbor and hopefully, folks at work will enjoy zukes and zuke bread. 😏

    I did minimal of anything last week. A few hundred new words. I'm still stuck on the scene in revisions that I've been stuck on I don't know why I have such a mental block about it. I'm about reready to just skip the scene altogether--leave it alone. I was basically looking to either add new words and check for typos so it's not like the continuity will be messed up.

    I went back to bed this morning. That's unusual for me. I didn't even make coffee. I was up at 4:15, again at 5:00, and at 6:00 got up to deal with feeding critters. I normally make coffee then and just stay up. This morning, nope. Fed, Went back to bed, turned on the heating pad for my knees, and dozed on and off until 10 a.m. I still feel drained but I've had a shower and I made a Starbucks run.

    The weather cooled off today. It's after noon and only 76 degrees. Woohoo.

    Too hot to cook. Too hot to do anything last week. Friday and Saturday were utterly miserable.

    We have skunk that hits the front porch numerous times during the night. He's always thirsty so at least not a rabies risk at the moment. The possum has been by a few times in the past week. Who knew cat foot was so popular? LOLOL Mainly, I think they come for the water.

    That's pretty much my current life in a nutshell. Here's to a productive week and further adjustments on the job!

    1. My poor neighbor gal still doesn't have her appliances, so she can't do anything with the zucchini yet. I'll take them some bread the next time I make it.

      I think moving forward and letting that scene marinate is probably a good idea.

      Ugh, sounds like you needed the sleep. I hope the rest of the day found you more rested. :hugs:

      Yay for cooler weather! It's only 81 here right now.

      Heh, yeah, skunks and possums love pet food. So do robins and starlings. And mice. Of course, with this heat lately, water is a blessing for them.

      Here's to a productive week for us all. :hugs: