Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 22

Howdy there buckaroos.  (Not sure why I went there this morning...)  

Not a great week for writing progress.  I worked on the book 4 out of 7 days, but I only added 1539 words.  That was mostly a new scene at the beginning and the rest was reworking what I'd already written to make sure it flowed with the new stuff.  

I did some reading.  Finished two and DNF'd a third.  Yesterday, I picked out one of my old Zane Grey's and started reading that.

In baking, I did a plain ol' yellow cake from a mix on Monday.  We ate most of it with strawberries and the rest plain.  Thursday, I made granola bars and then a loaf of applesauce bread for Hubs.  He does like his granola bars and breads for breakfast.

On the activity front, I managed to get out 3 days where I did something other than sit on my ever-widening ass.  I got some more weeding done.  Then I planted vegetable seeds in the front flower bed and planted my elm tree.  Yesterday, Hubs and I went for a walk.  I need to get back to walking more, that's for sure.  Weight 182.4.

Speaking of my elm tree, that I raised from a seed I planted in a pot about 14 months ago... the deer have already munched almost all the leaves off of it.  Took them two days.  Poor Elmer.  I never did take a picture of him.  He was beautiful.  Now he's a stick with leaf bits.  I still have Cedric and Cecil, the two baby cedars, but now I'm afraid to put them in the ground.  They have to go out there sooner or later, though.  They can't thrive in pots.  Cross your fingers for my vegetable garden.  Between the deer and the bunnies, it's hard to grow things here without a 6 ft fence.

On our walk, we saw three bunnies.  One in the yard, one at the curve, and an itty-bitty baby bunny over by the well house.  OMG, that last one was so cute.  Fingers crossed he does better than Elmer out there in the mean world.  Nature is a bitch sometimes.

As far as we can tell, the deer are still pregnant.  No sign of fawns yet.  

7:13 a.m. update - Lumpy is post-pregnant!  Here's hoping she manages to get this fawn (these fawns - she usually has twins) to adulthood.  Last year, she never showed up with new fawns. Yes, I am excited.

Lumpy is the lighter deer.  I believe the darker deer is her daughter, Sissy.  Sissy's the only deer Lumpy will bother to groom.

Last Saturday, we had a male Prothonotary warbler checking out our bird house and laying a nice bed of moss in it.  Then he brought his lady by to check it out.  She started building a nest and he started defending it.  We had high hopes they were going to raise a brood there.  Then they stopped.  Not sure if that place is too active with other birds or what.  :shrug:

In poker news, the site I use has this round of 5 single table tournaments.  I made it a goal to win them all and I did it.  Yay for me.

Yep, I lead an exciting life.  What's up in your exciting life?

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  1. Poor Elmer, but elms are sturdy so maybe he'll make a comeback. Crossing fingers for the fawn(s). Yay for word, walking, weeding, worthy food. My brain couldn't come up with a *w* word for baking.

    Lots of softball and baseball in my world. OU and OSU are both undeated going into the semi-finals. OSU Cowboys won one, lost one, now have to come back to win two to move to super regionals. Cards traded off with the Cubs but I think they are 2-1 on the series with the final game tonight. They're 1.5 games behind the Brewers for the division lead.

    Rain. Sun. Rain. Hoping it goes away so the two loser bracket/elimination games can be played today.

    Cinnamon toast and coffee.

    Car issues. More details on my blog tomorrow. (Not us, per se, the kids.)

    Let's not talk about writing, um-kay?

    Lunch with the kids yesterday. Awesome Mexican food, as always, and good times with them.

    Going to be a busy week. Time to stop listening to other people's books and write my own! Later, tater.