Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Snoozy Squirrel

 In lieu of anything else, here's a snoozy squirrel...

Ah, the wonders of a good digital camera and a sun porch that overlooks the woods.  He's a good ways up in the black oak off the back of the house.  Zoomed in on him through the window after Hubs spotted him.  

As hot as it was for a bit there, I don't blame him for sacking out on a cool dead limb.  (And no, that's not his foot hanging underneath the limb.  It's a bit of branch.)  Usually the squirrels sit on that bit and bark at us.  It was too hot for barking.  


  1. Ah. Barking squirrels. They get so freaked out when I bark back. LOLOL Then they look all offended like I just told them their mother was a dog or something.

    And yeah, way too hot to do much beyond finding a spot in the shade to snooze. With one eye open, of course. Because...never know when the crazy lady who feeds is gonna come out and insult us again. 🤣

  2. Blogger is being weird again, but I finally found the comment page. Yay!

    I love the squirrel! It's a good day for being sacked out. I thought that was his lazy foot, too.

    Wishing us all cooler weather!