Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thursday This n That

So far the hardest part about the job is sitting.  You'd think I'd be used to sitting.  Apparently, I got enough exercise walking from here to the coffee pot and here to the recliner that it makes a difference.  Eh, I'll get used to it.  I spent the majority of yesterday looking stuff up online and entering data into a spreadsheet.  Yep, dream job.  LOL  

They're calling me BE.  Sure enough, it already lost a letter and by the end of the day I was B.  :shrug:  Maybe I'm just 'be'.  To do is to be.  To be is to do.  Doo be doo be doo.  ROFL

The office manager smokes, too.  So I got that going for me.  Just duck out the back.  Unfortunately, we can't both be out smoking at the same time.  Bummer.  I'd like a chance to chat with her.  

Yesterday morning, Hubs saw a single fawn.  There were a bunch of does present, so not sure whose it was.  It had been days since Lumpy brought her twins and I was beginning to get worried.  But Hubs saw them all yesterday afternoon.  Go, Lumpy!  

I made big juicy burgers when I got home.  Oh, yum.  With Ore Ida fast food French fries.  Also yum.  Hubs offered to cook, but burgers are super easy.  Pat 'em up and then slap them on the Foreman Grill.  2.5 minutes is perfect for medium rare.  And Hubs has taken over doing the dishes, so no clean-up for me.  Yay.

And that's about it for me right now.  What's on your list today?


  1. Yay for smoke breaks and being Bee. I'm thinking that's a sign of affection which is good. I did mention that you are the Queen of Spreadsheets... LOL

    It's still hot. There's a chance of temps in the high 80s next week instead of high 90s. I'll take it.

    The Kids still liking the new vehicle. I'm loving having Drover home. Here in a little bit, Jake and I are headed to Ace for bird seed, Starbucks for icy frappucino and pupcup, and a fill-up wherever gas is cheapest between here and there.

    Weird dreams this week. Last night it was 3 young Appaloosas in my backyard. Only it wasn't my backyard. In the dream, I lived in the house with the backyard where the horses were but it was not my actual house or backyard. I have absolultely no clue what my brain is smoking.

    I'm doing more book listening than book writing. I need to fix that.

    Found a new/old show--"Haunted Towns" withthe Tennessee Wraith Chasers team. They're a group of good ol' boys from Tennessee that go investigate supposedly haunted towns. I've got a few of their shows previously.

    Boring life around here. I vow to tackle the scene that I haven't wanted to touch for over a week now in the revisions. I can't figure out why I keep blocking it but I do. That ends today.

    Cheers to Day 2 of the new job. Go get 'em!

    1. Yep, being Be is so much easier than BeeEee, especially on the phone. The stutter-step of saying it aloud was confusing callers. Ugh on the temps. It was pretty hot here today, but a sudden gullywasher knocked the temps down a bit. Yay for Drover and being able to run errands again. Boo for weird dreams. Yes, you need to write more than you read. But I totally get it. Yay for a new show to love. Yay for boring, but I hope you tackled that scene today. Thanks!

  2. May you B happy with that job for a long, long time! :-D

    It's waaaay too hot here. Our morning walk keeps getting shorter and shorter.

    Cleo is a little brat, but she's a loving little brat. She's managing to gain weight on her diet food. I give her a cup every night (so that she'll let me sleep), but by mid-morning it's gone and she starts begging for more. Le sigh.

    She does keep life from getting boring. LOL!

    1. LOL, B happy. Good one! One of the guys at work was all like 'to be or not to be' when I told him we were shifting from BE to just B. Sorry the heat is truncating your walks. LOL about Cleo. Try a half cup twice, or do third cups three times. It might mean more work but it could give you more peace, too. :hugs: