Thursday, July 8, 2021

Thursday This n That

I got distracted by the urge to write this morning... I know, I never write in the morning, but the bug hit me hard.  And thus, I forgot to post this earlier.  Whoops.

I'm beginning to feel slighted.  Facebook has this 'extremist warning' thing going around and I didn't get one.  Plus, there's this page a friend of mine followed and she got a warning about their content, but I followed the same page after she mentioned it and didn't get a warning there either.  Am I not a big enough person to worry about?  Am I not extreme enough?  Or is it because they're already watching me?  

Why do my fingers keep wanting to put a T at the end of any word that ends in 'ough'?  Hey, fingers, enought is not a word.  Neither is althought.  Stop it.

Tuesday, Hubs and I went to the big city... well, the nearby small unincorporated town anyway... so he could get a haircut and I could post some flyers for something we're selling.  I stopped in to a couple of stores I hadn't been in before.  One of them was the evil fishing store.  Found out they have new owners and aren't evil anymore.  Yay for them.  I'm still sticking with my regular place, though.  Sorry.  The other was the local gun store.  SO PRETTY!  I do love guns.  I wish I could afford to bring them all home with me.  Anyway, the store was awesome and the owner was a hoot.  After I picked Hubs up from the barber, I took him back to the store.  He has a happy now, too.  

Tuesday was a busy day for me.  South in the morning for deer feed and some groceries.  North in the afternoon for Hubs' haircut.  I don't usually do both trips in the same day, but I was in the mood, so we went north.  It's nice to get out for a drive with Hubs.  Even if it's like 90+ degrees out.  

My old car doesn't like it when I have the AC on, especially going up hills.  And we live in a hilly area, so my entire drives are either bake or spend an inordinate amount of time turning the AC off and on and off and on.  Uphill off, downhill on.  Sometimes I'd rather just bake.

This week had a weird holiday thing going on.  Sunday was the holiday, but the government made Monday the holiday so its workers could get a day off because boo-hoo the real holiday fell on a day they already had off.  Umm, suck it up.  Anyway...  Usually with holidays our trash service is pushed back a day, so we didn't put the trash out to the curb the night before regular pickup morning.  Unfortunately, the trash service must've been on the regular holiday and not the government holiday because the truck went zooming by the house on the regular day for pick-up.  Dang it.  And wouldn't you know it, we actually had a full receptacle this week because of the sorting and shredding I did over the weekend.  Derp.

And that's it for me.  What's up with you?


  1. I'm glad I came back to check my blog roll and saw this!

    Wow. I've been in FB jail and I haven't gotten that extreme warning. Huh.

    You just never know what's going to tickle people. Today's #ThisMadeMeLaugh has garnered a people reach of 249 with 64 engagements. I'd sure like to know what the difference is.

    It's hot. EMSA declared a heat alert after they had 5 heat related injuries.

    Jake has gotten weird. Normally, Boone is under my desk and/or in my closet--depending on where I happen to be. Now, it's Jake under my desk and in the closet and that pisses the old man off. Boone likes his routine and Jake is upsetting it. And then there's Loki.

    We bought some new rugs to replace the old, slippery runner. Boone has trouble on bare floors. He likes the new rugs. They don't scoot. Loki? He's all PO'd now because when he zooms, he hits those rugs and sticks. I shouldn't laugh. 🤣🤣🤣

    I got another scene written on the Irish mob book. It's only about 300 words but hey...words! I'm trying to figure out if the widow of a dirty cop can find a HEA with the mobster who whacked him. It might help that the mobster is a Wolf. We'll see. I keep thinking about how to serialize this one and putting it on this new Amazon Vellum thingy or whatever it's called. I haven't figured out how the author makes money on that deal.

    On that note, I have some DVR'd shows to catch up on since this is a travel day for my Cards. Glad you checked in. Stay cool and write them words, sistah!

  2. Hooray for inspiration and new words!

    Churchill tells me the floor is suddenly too slippery, poor old guy. I guess being 18 is slowing him down.

    It's supposed to rain and be unusually cool tomorrow. Yay!

    Wishing you lots of inspiration, and lots of progress!