Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 30

 Another week gone by and not a whole lot to show for it.  But hey, it's the summer doldrums, so I'm not ready to flagellate myself yet.  Maybe next week.  ;o)

No writing got done, and very little editing.  But I'm thinking about it.

In marketing news, I have a sale that started today.  Accidental Death and Natural Causes are 99c each through Saturday Night.  

As for reading, it's pretty much stuck in the doldrums, too.  I only finished one book.  It was a pretty good one, though.  But I just don't feel like reading these days.

On the activity front, I did five days worth.  Four of the days, I alternated biking and gardening, and the fifth day was energetic vacuuming.  I'm up to 37 miles on the bike.  Woohoo.  Weight: 183.8

Not really much to talk about in the baking arena.  I did a pizza, but nothing else.  Several mornings, I set out a stick of butter to soften only to put it back in the afternoon because I'd lost interest.  It's also freakin' hot here right now, which makes the urge to bake tend to deflate like a sad balloon.

I transplanted all my zucchini and tomato plants and added fertilizer to everything.  Fingers crossed it helps them bloom and grow veggies.  I do have 2 tiny tomatoes now - on the same plant - but those were there before the transplanting.  Here's hoping they soon have siblings and cousins and neighbor kids.

Like I said, it's freakin' hot here right now with more hot expected.  This is making me not want to do much of anything but sit in the AC.  Unfortunately, I'm at the point where if the AC is low enough to kill the hot flashes, poor Hubs is freezing his ass off.  I think we've found a contented compromise.

I've taken to drinking cold coffee.  I mean, it's still hot in the morning, but by like 10am, I'm switching over to the cold stuff I have stored in the fridge.  Add some cream and it's a fancy coffee drink.  Or something.  :shrug:  It works for me.

I lead such an exciting life.  LOL.  What's up with you these days?


  1. Heat and humidity. It's a thing. Fans work wonders on menopaue, especially directional ones. LG can keep the AC at a comfortable temp and I bask in the breeze.

    I got some writing done. Not any great gains but some. I'm up to almost 10K words on the book but some of them are notes/research/character stuffs.

    LG is slowly cleaning out the library, which will become his office eventually and I'll get my diningroom back. When he closed his office, everything got chunked in there and the garage. He's also cleaning out the garage and the Florida room, which was my office before Only moved out and I took over her bedroom. When I get frurstated with the book, I go clean off 10 years of dust and sort crap. We keep making trips to the local thrift store. They love LG.

    Good listening week for me, as you could tell from yesterday. I have about 4 hours on the new release and so far, really good. Next up is a re-listen to a book because the second book in the series releases Tuesday.

    I get my Highlander back today. I've MISSED Drover! The Kids' Jeep is okay but its not Drover! I also have to hit Wallyworld. I'd normally go tomorrow but LG is having surgery so I need to stock up since this coming week will be discombobulated.

    Found a little Chihauhau puppers. Older dude, very sweet, no Chi attitude. The very kind gal from BAW came buy to pick him up. Hopefully, he'll find his way home. My boys were cool (Loki was pissy but the little dude sorta freaked when they were around--partly because he'd gotten into the backyard and Boone took offense. Boone's bark is...ferociously high-pitched and annoying.

    I watched a couple of the softball games. Sadly, I'm just not all that invested in the Olympics this year. I'm about to give up on MLB too. ☹

    Not much else going on. Waiting on the Kids to call re: switching out vehicles. Drinking coffee. Staring at the MS and knowing where the scene is going but engaging the brain hasn't worked yet. Waking up at 5 a.m. didn't help.

    Hang in there. Here's to a more productive week for us all!

  2. I'm there with you on the AC and hot flashes. I keep mine at 82 and sit in front of a fan all summer long. It (mostly) works to keep things livable, and the bills payable.

    Thinking about writing is a start. ;-)

    Yay for your garden! May you have many veggies soon!