Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday This n That

What a world what a world what a world.  I say this frequently as I scroll through the news each morning.  Every day, something else pops up and I wonder what the hell.  Yeah, yeah, I should probably stop reading the news, but I really don't want to get blindsided, so I keep reading it.  Blerg.

So, last night, I had just barely fallen asleep when a sound woke me up.  And I lay there as the sound continued.  Over and over.  It was maddening. You see, a katydid had decided to sing his song of love on the outside casing of our bedroom window.  I got up and walked over to the window.  He stopped.  I walked away, he started up again.  Since Hubs was also now up, I banged on the window and the bug stopped for a moment, but then started right back up again.  Damn horny bug.  I shined a flashlight but I couldn't see where the bug had stationed himself for his concert.  Hubs and I got up, turned on our computers and smoked while we waited for Horny Bug to find somewhere else to announce his intentions to the world.  I was so tired I could cry, but HB was insistent.  Long about 11:30, I went back into the bedroom with a flashlight and tried to see exactly where the horny bastard was.  AHA!  Right there in the upper lefthand corner.  Now, that particular window has no screen and no storm on the outside, so Hubs grabbed a broom, we shut off all the lights and opened the window.  I pinpointed HB with the flashlight and Hubs took a broom to him.  Yay!  Sleep!  

I picked up more potting soil and nutrients for my garden yesterday.  This morning, I continue the repotting, nourishing of the plants.  If I can keep my eyes open.

If you're vaccinated, you can still catch the Delta variant, but everyone needs to get vaccinated so they don't spread the Delta variant.  Crazypants.

And I'm spent.  Seriously.  I can't seem to make my brain work this morning.  Bring on the coffee!


  1. Yes. Coffee is a must. Crazy dreams through the night. Better than horny bugs but not by much.

    Like you, my head explodes every time I watch the news or scroll through my news feed. Makes me want to revisit that meme I posted back in January about being careful what people wished for... Except it's even worse than this doomsayer imagined. How anyone can be proud of what's going on blows my mind. 🤯 *exploding head emoji* (in case it doesn't appear)

    It's hot. I shouldn't complain. We've been below normal this summer, but the humidity has negated the slightly cooler temps. For the next week, we get both. Yay. ... Not! AC is my friend. So are ceiling fans.

    I need to write a "slaughter" scene today. I should have written it yesterday but the brain just wouldn't engage. Instead, I got sucked into Google maps again. I gotta stop that!

    My Cards pulled it out in the 10th last night, after blowing a 5-run lead the night before. Yay Yadi! He hit a walk-off double.

    Finished an awesome book. Sometimes Southern Magic Realism just hits the spot. More on Saturday in your reading wrap-up.

    I managed to sprain (or something) my left thumb. You forget how important opposible thumbs are until you can't use one without shooting pain. Immobilisation by Ace bandage is helping. Luckily, I don't need that particular digit to type.

    I need more coffee. Then I need to actually get a start on my day. I'm draggin' too. Hang in there and I hope you get a nap!

  2. I listen to the news for the same reasons you do. Depressing, but I want *some* warning.

    My "new" 1856 Victorian fashions book arrived. It's wonderful!

    It's so hot, and I'm so tired. And so ready for Fall!