Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Marketing and Social Media

Sorry I'm late.  I was posting marketing things to social media for my book sale.  (A Model Curse - get the whole trilogy now for less than $2.)  And I woke up late.  Derp.

I usually like to get that sort of stuff done before 6, but that wasn't happening.  Kind of puts me off schedule for the rest of the week - since I only post once to each group within a 24 hour period.  So, tomorrow, I can't post until after 6;45 and then the next day after 7... and so on.  Until I skip a day and reset.  Which loses me a day of selling.  Marketing... what a pain in the ass.  

Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil.  No marketing = no sales.  No sales gives me a sad.  So a-marketing I will go.  Heigh ho the derry-o and whatnot.

Adding to the PITA factor, Facebook has decided to make all my posts 'sale posts' - whether I want them to or not - which must be then authorized by the FB gods before they'll post.  Unless I catch it and click the dot-dot-dot thing and then click 'Turn off sale format'.  Stupid.  And they won't authorize my posts as sale posts because of reasons and insanity.  :shakes it off:

I like MeWe so much better.  I just wish it had the reach FB has.  I'd market all day at MeWe.  It's easy, like FB used to be before they got they're heads jammed up their a... armpits.   I also have accounts at several other social media sites, but those just don't seem geared for selling books.  More's the pity.

Anyway, I wish I had some way of knowing exactly where the sales were coming from.  It would help me target where I spent my time, if not my money.  I mean, I wish I could get away from FB, but I suspect that's where the majority of my visibility comes from, so I'm stuck.  Blerg.

What social media do you use?  Not just for selling stuff, but for personal use?  Is there some place I should be trying?  (Not Instagram.  They require an app and a device upon which to use an app, neither of which I have.)

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  1. I prefer MeWe too but its usually crickets over there. 😐 I have a Pinterest account but forget to put stuff there and not sure it generates any interest either. Same with Instagram, though I can access it through the FB "Business Suite" linking my author page with my Instagram acct. That helps a little when I remember to post over there. I'm obviously not an "influencer." YouTube? *shrug* My videos get very little traffic. However, I am taking part in an author chat (hosted by another Desire author) there next week. If I can figure out how to join. LOL Only is trying to get me to do TikTok (also a smartphone app). *shudder* I'm just not spontaneously entertaining.

    I'm not any sort of a marketing anything. Except maybe a dolt.

    Oh, and I'm not sure bitly.com will give you the exact breakdown you need but they do record the number of clicks when you use the link you make there. It shows clicks from my website, email/SMS/Direct and a couple of other places like Google so that might help? Its free and easy to use.

    Hope you get sales from this push. I'm trying to boost your signal where I can. Hang in there!