Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday This n That

There's a type of exclusive coffee, I think it's Sumatran, that's made after a particular animal has eaten the coffee beans and pooped them out.  Umm, not just no but hell no.  And I do not even want to know who thought it was a good idea to make a beverage made from pooped beans in the first place.  "Hey, if you thought regular coffee was good, try this stuff that's been in an animal's gut for a while."  :shudder:  It's a crime against coffee, I tell ya.  Or another major hoax perpetrated on the unsuspecting masses.

And now that I've grossed you out...

I cannot stand dry skin.  Drives me right up the wall.  Especially dry hands.  I have a big pump bottle of lotion in my bathroom to stave off dry hands.  And a little bottle in my purse.  I prefer Suave Advanced Care.  It moistens my skin without leaving a residue that will be on everything I touch afterwards.  Dry lips kill me, too.  I have various tubes of lip balm laying here and there - Chapstick, Blistex, and Carmex.  The best one, though, is a promotional tube I got.  It has no brand name - just the name of the company passing it out.  When it runs out, I'm screwed.  Unless I want to drive an hour and beg for another one.  Might almost be worth it.

Monday's government holiday kinda screwed me up.  It was supposed to be bill paying day, but I couldn't do that.  And there's a check I usually get on Mondays that I received and deposited a day late.  (Not that money's that tight.  It's just a thing.)  And I spent all day Tuesday thinking it was Monday.  Blerg.

Well, I guess that's it.  Shorter than usual, I know, but meh.  I have dry brain right now.  Your turn to tell me some things. 


  1. I have one of those big hand lotion bottles in almost every room in the house.

    Today is dad-sitting day.

    Etsy "upgraded" their forums, and now they're almost impossible to use. Or, at least, annoying enough to STOP using. But I have friends there I hate to bail on.

    Today is sunny, bright, and cool. Churchill is spunky. That makes me happy. :-)

  2. My days are messed up too. I blame the pie.

    I'm waiting for a direct deposit to hit. It will probably be a day late because of the holiday. Which will make paying the car loan tight because due tomorrow (on-line transaction).

    I have the feeling I'm going to have to revamp all my back matter on all my self-pubs to take them wide. Sales this month have tanked.

    Civet cats. They poop the coffee beans.

    Speaking of coffee, I got a pound of Christmas Blend Starbucks for Christmas. I'm down to the last "batch" of beans. I hope there will be enough for tomorrow morning's coffee. Then I'm back to my Community Coffee Chicory Blend. Might not be as "fresh" as ground beans but easier. LOL

    I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to spend $20 on ebooks to get a $5 coupon for more ebooks. I probably will hit my wish list. I have 4 days to decide. That said, I put a note on my wipe-off board to remind me to do it. Brain = mush

    Speaking of coffee, I need another cup. Hey, 10:30 and this will only be my 3rd. Which is probably why I'm sitting here yawning.

    Later tater.