Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday This n That

The other day I saw a book on how to drink less or quit drinking alcohol altogether.  If you can't just do that on your own without a book to guide you, you already have a problem and perhaps you should get in touch with AA.  I quit drinking like 6 years ago.  My drinking had already dwindled to like once in a blue moon and then I just never made myself another drink.  Don't miss it.  In fact, I look back and wonder why I ever drank in the first place.  Oh, sometimes I miss the taste of a gin and tonic (yeah, I know, it's an acquired taste but the good stuff doesn't taste like paint thinner) or a nice Riesling, but I don't want the alcohol anymore.  Now, if someone made non-alcoholic mixed drinks, I'd probably drink those.  I've had NA beer here and there, if I can find it locally - which ain't easy these days - but I don't need it.  It's more for nostalgia.

I pay all my bills on the 20th of the month.  It's a habit and it usually serves me well.  Since our local trash service got bought out by Republic, their bills arrive around the 25th.  And so, I forget to pay them until it's almost too late.  Usually in a panic.  Stupid Republic.  Silly habits.  Ugh.

Around here it seems like every other dog is a Heeler mix.  Now, I did extensive reading about dog breeds when I was a teen and never ran across that breed.  Then again, they've added a bunch of breeds in the past 30 years, so what do I know?  The other day I googled it.  Derp.  Heelers are Australian Cattle Dogs. Why they can't just call them that, I don't know.  Blerg.

I got an expected package from Mom.  Well, actually, it shouldn't have been totally unexpected.  She told me about it early last month.  It was a flannel lap blanket I'd given my dad for Christmas one year.  She's paring down things she doesn't need and she thought I might like to have it.  I opened the box and tada.  Got a little sniffley over it - partly because it was Dad's (he's been gone since '02) and partly because it smells like Mom.  Even though I talk to Mom almost every day, I haven't seen her in almost 5 years.  I hugged the blanket.

I have a photo of Mom and Dad at their 40th anniversary party.  It's sitting on my desk, so I can be close to them.  They had a 40th party because Dad didn't think he'd make it to 50.  He was right.  He didn't make it to 45 either. 

Gah, not sure why I got so trapped in sad memories right there.  Might be because tomorrow is my 25th anniversary of 'almost but not quite getting dead'.  That there's a reason for reflection, if ever there was one.  If it was a wedding anniversary, I'd be getting silver stuff. 

:shakes self like a wet dog"

Anyway, let's not dwell on that for too damn long, eh?  Like I said before, wake up every morning and go "YAY! I'm alive!"

Got any this and that going on today?  What's the skinny?


  1. My only true bad habit is drinking Coke Zero. Everyone's got to have one vice I guess.

    It was sad to hear your dad died so young. That's crushing on a kid. Not too easy on adults either. But what a nice gift your mom gave you back.

    1. Thanks, Maria. I wasn't a kid, though. Thirty-one, almost thirty-two. Dad was almost 66.

  2. I think that's why the holidays always get me down. Mother passed right before Only's 21st b-day, my wonderful FIL the Saturday after T-giving, and my own dad right before New Year's. Oh, and my MiL passed right before my birthday. Moving on...

    So...I'm blaming your new-to-me author policy for the binge I just went on. Luckily, the books were KU so basically free. OMFG! The editing was so freaking bad I wanted to take a red pencil to my Kindle. Still, the series had boucoups of reviews. I totally got sucked in even with the bad editing, stilted dialogue and cliched plot and characters. I haven't sold a book in over a week (my KENP #s are...okay) and now I'm depressed.

    I caught a squirrel eating the suet cake. I should go feed them.

    I have a new secret vice--The Masked Singer. It's...kinda...compelling. In a totally off-the-wall way.

    I know have 3 feral black cats. Shy Cat has a notched ear. Midnight is sleeker but has a "spritzed" tail, and Tuxedo, who I thought was Midnight (from the side/back) until I caught him/her rolling out in the driveway. White tummy with a little on the chest that is visible.

    I'm hiding in books. I don't wanna...just about everything, but mostly writing. Still, I ain't gonna get a paycheck if I don't limber up my imagination. *sigh* Maybe I should go find some logs to chunk.

    1. Umm, yeah... the editing... It's not good on some of these indie things. Which is too bad because the stories show real promise. Like the one I'm reading now. Punctuation, people!

      Ugh, book sales. Right now, I'm happy if I get page reads.

      Ugh, squirrels. Furry-tailed rats.

      I've seen the commercials for that, but haven't tried it.

      Yay for kitties. Thank goodness we have no ferals here. Just the neighbor's cats who have free roam and can't stay out of our yard. They totally irritate the deer.

      I hear that. I'm in the 'I don't wanna, but I'm gonna make myself' phase. On everything but writing. Can't seem to make myself write anything. I hope you find your log equivalent.