Saturday, January 5, 2019

2018 Year End Reading Wrap Up

Hello.  Thanks for being with me on these reading wrap-ups every Saturday.  This week's books will be on next Saturday's post.  For today, I'd like to go over all the books I read last year.  No, not individually.  95 books and reviews would be a mega-long post and I won't do that to you.  This is just a sort of wrap up of the wrap ups.

Like I said, I read 95 books last year.  Which is 25 more than my goal at the start of 2018.  I expected it to be a much harder year to read, especially since I started with that monster - Shogun.

I read widely this year.  Here's the breakdown by genre:

Romantic Suspense - 6
Thriller - 8
Hard-boiled Crime - 9
Romance - 7
Mystery - 18
Suspense - 7
Urban Fantasy - 10
Non-fiction - 4
Science Fiction - 6
Paranormal Romance - 7
Fantasy - 8
Horror - 3
MG - 1
Epic Historical Adventure - 1

If you put all the crime based novels together, that's obviously where I did the most reading.  48 there.  Then if you put all the SF/F books together, that's another 35.  And there you see the basis for what I write.  Tada.  But I like to read anything that draws my interest and I like to mix it up a bit.  If you look at my 2018 - Books Read post, you'll see I rarely read the same genre twice in a row. 

I surpassed my goal of reading one 'new to me, underappreciated' book a month.  I did 17 of those before year's end.  That was fun.  I'll do the one a month thing again this year, and I've promised myself I'll also read at least 6 'underappreciated book twos' of the series I enjoyed the first books of.

Going back over the wrap-ups, it looks like I DNF'd 24 books last year, but I didn't start keeping track of those until partway through the year.

All in all, I think I read some really awesome books this year, though.

And that's that.  Here's to a good reading year for us all.

Was 2018 a good reading year for you?  What's your most-read genre?  What are your reading goals for 2019?

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  1. I hit 265 for the year, so starting this year with a goal of 250. We'll see. I don't keep track by year of the genres. I mostly read paranormal/fantasy/urban fantasy and most have some element of suspense or thriller component and the majority are romance based. Which is what I write--paranormal/UF/suspense romance. I did a lot of rereads this year, partly because new additions to favorite series, partly because other books just didn't catch my attention.