Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 1

The first week of the new year.  Yay.

I wrote about 200 words last week.  I'm still not feelin' the love.  It's been suggested that I try writing something else for a while to maybe get the juices flowing, but I can't think of anything I want to write.  The well is still dry.  With the desiccated remains of small critters at the bottom.  I've been giving myself pep talks, which usually helps.  :crickets:

Sold some books last week.  Part of the residual stuff from last month's sales, I think.  Not a lot of sales, mind you, but enough to put me on track for a better January than I've had before.  As part of my goals for 2019, I have to find somewhere to advertise this month.  

I finished one book last week, so the reading hasn't been there either.  I DNF'd another and started a third.

The activity goal worked out okay.  I did the 4 days out of 7 this week.  Some walking, some woods work, some heavy-duty cleaning.  It's all good if it gets the muscles moving and the heart pumping.  Starting 2019 weight = 180.4.  The eating went well, too.  But that's because all the Christmas goodies are now gone.  Buh-bye Reese's Trees and chocolate cake and coconut bon-bons.  It being the time of the year, though, the fresh produce has been sparse.  I'll get back to that later in the year.  I still haven't gotten back into the dance-exercise thing.  I'd say 'maybe next week' but the weather is supposed to be nice, so I'll probably do outside stuff when I can.  And there's loads more cleaning to do.

Speaking of cleaning, I scrubbed my bathroom to within an inch of its life on Friday.  It's so clean it's scary.  And man, was I sore afterwards.  If I cleaned more often, it wouldn't be such a trial.  It's not that my house is a pigsty, but it certainly has that lived-in look.

The woods work is going well.  We moved down the hill and started cleaning down there.  Ugh, what a mess.  Nobody's tended these woods, like ever.  Bunches of dead things laying all over and big ass vines everywhere.  But we're making progress.  Two new piles of deadfall have been started and loads of vines cut down.  It looks better already.  We should have most of it cleaned up by the time it gets warm again.

Speaking of warm, it's supposed to be in the 60s here this week.  That might put a bit of a damper on my lumberjack activities as it might wake up the ticks and snakes.  We'll see.

Okay, I think that's it for the week.  How did you first week of 2019 go?


  1. It...went. I wrote 750 words, approximately. I caught up on some LIVE PD episodes I fell asleep during. I listened to some books, including one I'd gotton on Audible Romance that knocked my socks off. Wouldn't be your cup of tea and the author is way appreciated. I'm currently listening (from the library) a book called THE PERFECT HORSE. It's a history/treatise on the Lippanzaners and their rescue from the Nazis and Russians. It ain't Disney's "Miracle of the White Stallions," as it is more treatise than story and it goes waaay back, and gets into the politics of Nazi eugenics and how horsebreeding related. It's interesting so far, even though I'm sort of skipping ahead on some of the historical parts I already know.

    Had siren test and Mexican food with the family yesterday. Fun and yum!

    I caught up on all the NRCA contest paperwork. Now I need to get busy and recruit reader/judges. Whoppee.

    Wasn't very active. Need to get more so.

    Yeah, my life is mostly boring. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Not great, but not bad.

  2. Yay for words! *Any* words! Maybe they'll get your muse back in gear.

    I'll be in the 60s here, too. I need to get outside and do some yard work while it's nice.

    Still plugging away on the dressmaking book. Only three-years worth of data left to go through. :-)